Monday, June 4, 2012

Tired Tootsies? Margarita 911

After pounding the pavement with my friend and Congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann; knocking on doors and meeting the fine people in Memphis neighborhoods, I was beat.  My feet hurt, I had a little sunburn and I was wiped out.  It was the same feeling I had after spending the day at Silver Dollar City with my daughters the week before.  I decided that I deserved a bit of pampering:  my own spa at home.  I lit the candles in my bathroom and poured a glass of wine.  I started out by cleansing and nourishing my face with spa Facial by BeautiControl.  I then started my bath and poured in some Limited Edition Margarita Bath Salts.  As I let the lime, salty fragrance envelope me, I lay back with my eyes closed; just enjoying the moments of peace and quiet.  Ahhhh, it was wonderful.  I then pampered my tired feet with the Margarita Foot Scrub.  I rubbed off the hardened, dead skin with circular motions.  I then dried off, massaged my feet with Margarita Foot Crème and put on my spa socks.  I smoothed some Corticure Comfort Lotion on my sunburn ~I didn’t have any on my face and neck because of my spa Facial Defend and Restore Moisturizer with SPF 20 ~   I put my PJ’s on and headed to bed.  It was wonderful.  The next morning, my feet felt great and ready to go again.

Margarita Gift w/Purchase:

Free 1 oz. Margarita Extreme Repair Hand Creme with Purchase of Margarita Bath Set.  Bath Set includes Margarita Bath Salts; Foot Scrub and Foot Creme.  Just email me with your order and I'll throw in a pair of spa socks too.

Have a Great Day!

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