Saturday, June 30, 2012

Meeting a Victim of the UK NHS

We have got to defeat the Democrats and Repeal the HellCare Tax Monstrosity.  I just got back from a friend’s house who was having a barbeque fundraiser to fund their mission trip to Peru this fall. I met a lady there from England.  She and her family have been in the US for 9 years.  In 2000, while still in the UK, she was diagnosed with MS ~Multiple Sclerosis~; she didn’t get any treatment; the doctor just told her that to return if she had any problems.  After being in the US for awhile, she went to a doctor here for an ear infection.  When the doctor looked at her medical history, he noticed that she had MS and asked her what treatment she was on.  The doctor was speechless when my new friend told him that she wasn’t on any.  Before she left the doctor’s office, she had an appointment with a Neurologist where she immediately began treatment. 

Her and her husband’s original plan was to work here in the US for 2 years and then go back to England.  After being here for only 7months, they were offered by her husband’s company to get a permanent work visa.  They immediately knew that they wanted to stay.  She said the living environment was much better here. With her history with the medical system in the UK, I’m not surprised.  

I had a “discussion “with a BO/BS supporter who says he supports the Hellcare Tax Monstrosity because he believes that only then will the elderly and sick get healthcare.   This was my response to him.
"I have personal experience with transplants and pre-existing conditions and your assumptions are just plain wrong.   First of all, how many of your “fantasy” scenarios actually happen?   How many abortions do happen?   Second, why do you believe that only the government can provide healthcare?  We personally were beneficiaries of charity when my daughter was on dialysis.  We could not have paid for her dialysis.  It was the generosity of fellow Americans ~not the government~ that kept my daughter alive while on dialysis.  It was ~and continues to be~ medical technologies that were discovered because of free-market healthcare ~not government bureaucrats~ that kept her alive.  It’s also those “evil” pharmaceutical companies that are keeping her alive right now.  Without the anti-rejection meds that she is currently on, she wouldn’t be with us.  In addition, we have already had to pay more because of Hellcare.  My dh’s employer had to change insurance companies because of the increases from HellCare, so our deductible that we pay out of pocket is several hundred more a month than last year.  The future of my daughter depends on medical technologies yet to be discovered; that will only be discovered within the private sector of medicine.

"You really believe that HellCare will save the elderly and sick?  Who do you think will be the first to be cut from treatment when it becomes too expensive to keep them alive?  Great Britain’s government healthcare kills off over 130,000 elderly patients every year.
"Or how about taking BO/BS at his word when he said that “taking a pain pill” instead of life-saving surgery for a 99 year old woman who needed a pacemaker would be the better option. 

"The hypocrisy of your “choice” of healthcare for the elderly and/or sick over the life of pre-born babies is astonishing.  It isn’t an either/or choice.”

My experience tonight with an actual victim of socialized medicine in the UK just solidifies my resolve to defeat BO/BS and the Democrats in the Senate and House so that we can Repeal not only HellCare, but the other job-killing and Liberty killing laws that the Democrats have forced on Americans. 

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