Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Charlotte Bergmann: Only Candidate that can Beat Steve Cohen

The Commercial Appeal weighed in with their opinion of the August Repblican primary.  While they are still in CongressCritter Cohen’s corner, they pointed out why he is worried about Charlotte Bergmann.  First, while Memphians have voted Democrat since the 70’s, it is a city of church going, socially conservative people.  With the Democrat Party and Steve Cohen taking such a public stand for abortion and gay marriage ~that are in direct opposition to most Memphian’s values~ and the latest salvo of placing illegal entrants above citizens by executive fiat, ~Cohen is a vocal supporter of  the Dream Act~ many people are waking up to the fact that their vote doesn’t reflect their values.  Add to that the downward spiral of the economy; you have many rethinking their support and votes.  Then add in redistricting; and candidate Charlotte Bergmann and you have the perfect storm for the Democrats and Steve Cohen.  

Why is Charlotte Bergmann the only candidate in the Republican race that can beat Steve Cohen?  First, as Memphis City Councilman, Myron Lowry noticed, is "her tenacity" and as Carolyn Gates, former County Commissioner, stated, “She’s a worker bee”.    Even with the fact that Republican challenger, George Flinn, has dropped $1 Million of his own money into his campaign, and his connections in the business community; he has not raised much more than Ms. Bergmann.   While Dr. Flinn may be a “household name” because of his numerous previous runs, it doesn’t necessarily translate into Memphis voter’s support.  In fact, his name and his money didn’t get him elected in his previous attempts for Congress or Mayor.  When he ran against A.C. Wharton for mayor in 2002, he lost 62% to 37%.

Charlotte Bergmann’s message that Liberty and Reconciliation will bring Prosperity to Memphis is resonating with voters.  Memphians understand that for Memphis to succeed and to once again become a leading city that attracts businesses, we must have Reconciliation between all of its communities.  The days of telling voters that if they don’t agree with City Hall, then they should just move are over.  Ms. Bergmann is the only candidate that recognizes that Reconciliation is longed for and needed in TN-9.  

Ms. Bergmann’s message of Liberty is also connecting with Memphians; Liberty in keeping more of their own money thru lower taxes, Liberty in small businesses knowing what is best for their business, not some government bureaucrat ~who has no experience in meeting payrolls or making a profit~; Liberty in individuals ability to make the best decision for their kids’ education.   Charlotte Bergmann believes in individuals coming up with solutions, not in government telling private citizens what they must do.  

Charlotte Bergmann also has name recognition, not only from her previous run in 2010, but also from her ~now infamous~ interview with a local radio host.  Her courage in the face of the obvious hostility and vitriol of ThadeusMatthews  underscores her commitment and passion for the citizens of Memphis.  There are countless people that credit Ms. Bergmann with getting him off the airwaves. 

Charlotte Bergmann is the only Republican candidate that can beat Steve Cohen in November.  She needs your help by voting for her in the August Republican Primary.  She needs your help in getting out her message to the voters of TN-9.  Donate or sign-up for a yard sign or to volunteer at TheNew9th.com

How will you help get Charlotte Bergmann to D.C.?

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