Thursday, February 13, 2014

I was put in FaceBook Time Out.

I have been blocked by politicians ~Democrat Steve Cohen who is my Congressional Representative has blocked me on both Twitter and Facebook~ and unfriended because I am very vocal in my opinions and I don't back down from bullies, but I think this is the funniest thing that has happened in a long time.

I was put in FB Time Out ~I can't comment for 12 hours~ because of a comment that I made that apparently violated FaceBook's Community Standards.  What was this horrible comment that I made?  

Drum roll . . . .

"Love how Elizabeth Harlis goes immediately to insults. Shows what kind of argument she has ~or rather doesn't have~."

Here's the context.  Heritage Action posted this picture on their page.  

This is Ms. Harlis' Comment that I was responding to;

"Any loser with access to a suit . . . . "

Her "brilliant" answer to my comment ~other than reporting me to FB~ was; 

"People from Tennessee are too ignorant to know what's good for them."

Hahaha, I guess I've been put in my place.  

What is so funny about this is that I have been called about every name in the book on FaceBook.  I have been blocked; I have had comments deleted; I have been unfriended.  I have never whined to FaceBook about it.  I see it as a badge of honor.  Liberals are such whiners.