Thursday, April 21, 2011

Southwestern Chicken Roll Ups

1 oz pkg frozen chopped spinach, thawed
1 envelope fajita seasoning
1/2 c chicken broth
18 oz Fajita flavored chicken breast strips, cut into bite size pieces
1 15 oz can black beans, rinsed and drained
1 11 oz can Mexi-corn
2 cups shredded Monterey Jack cheese
flour tortillas

Combine undrained spinach and fajita seasoning in skillet. Add broth. Cook over medium heat for 5 minutes. Stir in chicken and next 3 ingredients. Simmer until cheese melts. Chill, then spread chicken mixture on tortillas and roll up like a burrito.  ~I wrap each individually in plastic wrap and chill, then before serving, unwrap and cut in half.~

This is a great recipe to take on picnics.

This is also a great filling for Quesadillas. Just brush 1 tortilla with olive oil and place down oiled side down on skillet, spread chicken mixture, sprinkle cheese and top with another tortilla, brush top of tortilla with olive oil. Cook for a couple of minutes, then flip and cook for an additional couple of minutes. Serve with sour cream and salsa.

Another American Who Can Think for Himself!

If you've never heard of Herman Cain, then you are missing out. Meet Herman Cain.

While Sarah Palin is my first choice in 2012, Herman Cain is a close 2nd.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

FREE Shipping on Tupperware!

Here's your opportunity to not only save $$$ on Tupperware Must Haves like the Tupperwave Stack Cooker ~to drain off the fat/grease when you brown ground beef~ or the Round Cake Taker, but you also save on S/H.

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Have a Great Day!

Tortilla Casserole

Here's a recipe from my friend Jennifer.

Tortilla Casserole

1 lb ground beef
1 package taco seasoning
1 can black beans (drained and rinsed)
1 can corn kernels (drained)
1 package shredded cheese (I use the Mexican mix)
corn tortillas

*sour cream, tomatoes, salsa, black olives, etc. can be added to taste.

Preheat oven to 350
Brown the ground beef, drain and add the taco seasoning
Add the black beans and corn
*You can add black olives if you prefer....

In a casserole dish, spread a thin layer of filling and top with cheese and a layer of corn tortillas.
Add another layer of filling, cheese and tortillas until you run out!

I usually stop with the cheese layer.

Cover with foil and put in 350 degree oven for 30 minutes. Remove foil and cook for an additional 5 minutes.

Serve with sour cream, salsa, etc.

Whenever I brown ground beef, I use my Tupperwave Stack Cooker so that I drain off all the fat/grease. Thanks Jennifer!

Fight Like A Girl!

The GOP leadership are a bunch of wimps! This is how we defeat BO/BS and the oppressive leftists who are trying to destroy this country.

I will vote for Elmer Fudd in 2012 if he is the Republican nominee, but this is who I am hoping to campaign for!

Run, Sarah, Run! America needs you!

Friday, April 15, 2011

Eww . . . How Much Grease/Fat in Ground Beef?

One of my favorite ~and most used~ kitchen tools is my Stack Cooker by Tupperware. I've had it for 15+ years. I originally bought it so that I could cook meals in my microwave, but I soon discovered what it was most handy for; browning ground beef. It only takes 6 minutes per pound, but the best thing is that it drains off the grease/fat while cooking.
This is a picture of how much grease/fat is cooked off of 1lb of ground beef. I don't get that much grease/fat off when I brown it on the stove.

The other tool that I use when I brown ground beef is from Pampered Chef. It's the Mix'n Chop.

The Stack Cooker is On Sale now at Tupperware.
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Easy Tacos
1 lb ground beef
1 pkg taco seasoning
Sour cream
Shredded lettuce
Grated cheese
Taco shells

Place ground beef in Colander inside of 1 3/4 qt Casserole, cover and microwave for 3 minutes. Break-up meat with Mix'N Chop and return to microwave for 3 minutes. Remove meat from colander and place in 3 qt casserole, add taco seasoning and 1/2 pouch of water. Stir well; and microwave covered for an additional 2 minutes. Serve with toppings of choice.

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

The Keystone of the Islamic Milieu: Inbreeding

Fellow Treeper, Ann Barnhardt~ The Conservative Treehouse~ has hit another one out of the park. Original is here at American Thinker

The darkest hour is just before dawn. A huge swath of this planet, from the Straits of Gibraltar to the Philippine Sea, has been held in a synthetic, forced nightfall for nearly fourteen centuries. But the sunrise is coming, it is coming sooner rather than later, and this light will be the life of men.

Everywhere in the western world, people look at the savage violence that is a daily occurrence in the Muslim world and shake their heads in stunned disbelief. A pastor of a very small Christian flock in Florida burns a Koran. Weeks later at literally the global antipode, Muslim imams drive through neighborhoods in a vehicle with loudspeakers attached, calling the townsfolk to riot. The townsfolk respond, and before it is all over, at least 22 innocent people are dead at the hands of these townsfolk, with at least two of them beheaded. How is this possible? How can this be? How can human behavior and culture be so monstrously different? Is this difference attributable to nothing more than environmental nurture theory?

No. There is something else. There is a catalyst -- absent in every other culture on earth -- that has poisoned the cultural soil, thus yielding the fruit of bad harvest for nearly 1,400 years. That catalyst is inbreeding. As a direct result, the Muslim population is mentally developmentally disabled on a mass scale.

All human cultures display strict prohibitions against inbreeding and consanguineous marriage. Incest is a universal taboo. This is a transcendent anthropological fact. As a Roman Catholic, I attribute this to what is called "The Natural Law." Every human person without exception is created by God with a deep, innate knowledge of good and evil, right and wrong. Stabbing someone in the neck for no reason whatsoever is just as wrong here in Lone Tree, Colorado as it is in the Amazon basin, as it is on the high plateaus of Mongolia.

But there is one culture, one faux "religion," that expressly condones and encourages consanguineous marriage and breeding. That system is Islam, and the document that explicitly ratifies incest is the Koran, specifically Sura 4 verse 23:

Prohibited for you (in marriage) are your mothers, your daughters, your sisters, the sisters of your fathers, the sisters of your mothers, the daughters of your brother, the daughters of your sister, your nursing mothers, the girls who nursed from the same woman as you, the mothers of your wives, the daughters of your wives with whom you have consummated the marriage -- if the marriage has not been consummated, you may marry the daughter. Also prohibited for you are the women who were married to your genetic sons. Also, you shall not be married to two sisters at the same time -- but do not break up existing marriages.

Sounds like an exhaustive list -- but it is not. It is the most lax incest prohibition in all of human culture. There is a massive omission: cousins only once removed. In the Muslim culture, marriage and breeding between first cousins has existed since day one. Mohammed himself married Zaynab, who was his father's sister's daughter. Mohammed and Zaynab were direct first cousins.

Marrying your first cousin is the genetic equivalent of marrying your half-sibling. Think of your own family. Let's say your dad has a sister, who is "Aunt Linda" to you. Your dad and Aunt Linda, being full siblings, have exactly the same genetic constitution. Their family trees prior to their generation are identical. Therefore, if Aunt Linda has any children, who are your first cousins, they are, in genetic terms, 50% identical to you. You share one of your two genetic constituencies with your cousins, thus making them genetically the same as a half-sibling would be.

First cousin marriage for just one generation is extremely risky in and of itself. This is why virtually every other culture on earth prohibits it, and treats it as a cultural taboo. When two people come together who carry so many similar genetic alleles, the chance of an undesirable recessive trait expressing itself in their offspring soars. Now, understanding that single-generational risk, understand that Muslims have been marrying their first cousins over and over again for 1,400 years. Sit in stillness for a moment with the full, terrifying gravity of this.

The Reproductive Health Journal reports the following rates on consanguinity in Muslim countries. Where a statistical range has been recorded, I have used the lower parameter:

Algeria: 22.6%
Bahrain: 39.4%
Egypt (North): 20.9%
Egypt (Nubia-South): 60.5%
Iraq: 47.0%
Jordan: 28.5%
Kuwait: 22.5%
Lebanon: 12.8%
Libya: 48.4%
Mauritania: 47.2%
Morocco: 19.9%
Oman: 56.3%
Palestine: 17.5%
Qatar: 54.0%
Saudi Arabia: 42.1%
Sudan: 44.2%
Syria: 30.3%
Tunisia: 20.1%
United Arab Emirates: 40.0%
Yemen: 40.0%

Muslim men are never, ever allowed to be around, see, converse with or otherwise interact with any females outside of their families. However, they are permitted to act as chaperones for their female first cousins. If your first cousin is the only person of the opposite sex you ever get to interact with, is it any surprise that Muslims are marrying their first cousins more as the rule than as the exception?

According to the BBC, 55% of Pakistani-Britons are married to a first cousin, and as a corollary to that produce "just under a third" of all children in the UK with genetic illnesses, despite being only 3% of the total births.

As a direct result of inbreeding, the Muslim population is the only population on earth that is mentally and physically devolving. This inherent weakness makes Muslim populations more susceptible to nefarious, oppressive leadership and mass manipulation. The amount of objective evidence supporting this statement is colossal and obvious.

But there is hope. All is not lost. In my education in animal husbandry, I was keenly interested in my genetics classes. One of the key concepts in farm animal genetics is "hybrid vigor." This is the genetic principle which states that the crossbreeding of two genetically diverse plants or animals of the same species yields offspring of increased vigor and other superior qualities. All plants and animals have been designed to "bring out the best in themselves," and our DNA has built-in fail-safes to edit and correct any flaws which creep into our DNA over time. Given this, if the people now living under the fist of Islam are finally freed and can court and love and marry whomever they choose, thus reopening the genetic pool, this will allow hybrid vigor to cleanse and restore to full health their populations.

". . . et lux in tenebris lucet et tenebrae eam non conprehenderunt."

Ann Barnhardt is a livestock and grain commodity broker and marketing consultant, American patriot, traditional Catholic, and unwitting counter-revolutionary blogger. She can be reached through her business at

You can view her original rant here.

Where Science Meets SPA

I've always been a believer in quality skincare. In fact, when my dh and I were married almost 22 years ago, I was working for Estee Lauder. I've used top systems like Estee Lauder, Clinique and Artistry. Several years ago, when I was looking for skincare that was less expensive, I was introduced to BeautiControl. As soon as I tried it, I was hooked; not only could I tell a difference in the way my skin looked, but I loved the way it felt.

Now they've done it again. They've made great even better. With the introduction of SPA Facial ~where science meets spa~ they've taken age defying skincare to a whole new level. Now you can get your own prescription for beautiful skin, from anywhere. The first step is to get your very own skin sensors; Email Me and I will mail them to you. You then use the skin sensors and then log into BeautiControl and click on skin s.p.a. and follow the directions. Voila, your very own personalized age defying prescription for your skin.

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Have a Great Day!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Iron Lady speaks to BO/BS

With the media and this administration squealing like stuck pigs over the measly $38B in spending cuts that last weekend's budget deal to avert a government shutdown, you will now start hearing the mantra that the 'Rich" have to pay their fair share. It's not fair that "Those evil, rich, white men" are getting richer while the poor are getting poorer. Leftists, Oppressive Progressives and Liberals need to update their rhetoric. There's nothing new here. Here's Margaret Thatcher's response to this over 20 years ago. H/T to The Conservative Treehouse.

“What the honorable man is saying is, he would rather the poor be poorer so long as the rich were less rich”.

Monday, April 11, 2011

In Her Own Words, Founder of Planned Parenthood

The funding battle over Planned Parenthood continues. Here's a video that the African American community needs to see. The founder of Planned Parenthood in her own words about the Negro race and her plans for it.

The Democrat party is the party of death. They care more about killing babies in the womb than funding the military. What is wrong with this picture?

P.S. I've had friends object to my statement that the Democrat party is the party of death. In 2009, Planned Parenthood performed 332,278 abortions, while serving 7,021 prenatal clients and referring 977 parents to adoption services. Who was willing to shut the government down over funding to Planned Parenthood? That's right, it was the Democrats.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Steve Cohen is at it again!

Pelosi lapdog, Steve Cohen, speaks to the issue of funding the murder of unborn babies over the military.

Here is my response.
It's sad that the Demonrats would rather fund the murder of the unborn than the military. You sir, punted on your responsibility to pass a budget last year because you were too cowardly to defend it before the American people. You knew you would lose even more seats in the House and Senate if you did. You are intent on spending us into bankruptcy. If Planned Parenthood is such a great organization, dip into your own pocket to support it, but keep your hands out of mine.
Let's see how literate his supporters are on this question.

Fund Murder or Military?

Which is more important? Funding the Military or funding the Murder of unborn babies?

Congressional aides worked through the night in a futile
attempt to find common ground on the budget. According to
several published sources the key sticking point remains
spending cuts and funding for Planned Parenthood.

President Obama is expected to summon both Harry Reid (D-NV)
and John Boehner (R-OH) to his office this morning -- no
doubt to ratchet up the pressure to come to some sort of

Unless the cuts are severe and substantial
let them shut it down and go home!

+ + Action Item #1 -- Call your Senators and Representative

With your petition delivered, we are asking that you call
your two Senators and Representative and let them know
where you stand on the budget debate.

Here is your contact information:

Sen. Alexander 202-224-4944

Sen. Corker 202-224-3344

Rep. Fincher 202-225-4714

+ + Action Item #2 -- FAX Your lawmakers NOW!

After making your calls, consider intensifying your presence
by clicking below and rushing personalized fax messages to
key players in the budget debate -- including your two
Senators and Representative.

Click here to schedule your personalized faxes for fast delivery:

If you prefer sending faxes on your own. Grassfire Nation has
made it easy for you to download contact information, and our
fax letters to send on your own. Simply click below:

It has truly has come down to this.

Your actions over these next several hours may well determine
the course of our nation!

Don't delay! Make your calls and schedule your faxes right
now by clicking here:

Thanks for taking action with Grassfire Nation.

Grassfire Nation

P.S. Utilizing petitions, faxes and phones get the message out
to your elected officials "Cut government spending or shut it
down!" Click here now to schedule your faxes:

It's time to burn the phone lines and fire up the faxes!

The Military Are NOT Pawns in Your Game!

The Demonrats are playing a dangerous game. They have a strategy of shutting down the government and are hoping that the American people are just too stupid to figure is out. They had the opportunity, ~no the responsibility~ to pass the budget last year. They punted and now are using the Military as pawns in their game. I call BS. The Demonrats are intent on bankrupting this country. The reason they didn't pass a budget last year was that they didn't want more of their spending priorities to be known before the 2010 election. They knew they were going to lose big, but they didn't want to lose even more. They are cowards.

Senator Jim DeMint calls them out in this video.

Keep it up Mr. DeMint. The American people have your back!

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

IAMDGNY is Right!

I am proud of my fellow Treehouse patriot IAMDAGNY. She is one courageous woman. She is also right.

Here is her response to Sen. ~Miss~Graham.

Interview with Ann Barnhardt with

My dh's comment when watching was that this should be man doing it.

Nanny State or Employer Rights?

I'm in disagreement with my favorite blog. I guess it has to happen sometime. The question is whether NYC Health Dept. is over the top with their new rules about employee conduct in the workplace. See Here for background. I am not saying that the rules are over the top and ridiculous, because I believe they are; but I think the bigger picture here is whether the employer ~which is the NYC Health Dept~ has the right to dictate to its employees what they can eat and drink during meetings and parties. What’s the difference in a company banning alcoholic drinks during working hours and sodas?

The difficulty for some is that it’s the NYC Dept of Health and so it’s a government entity. It’s also a fact that many in government ~and outside~ want to regulate what we can and cannot eat; i.e. Moochelle and her “fight against obesity” ~which she herself is losing, but that’s another subject altogether~ I know that NYC is regulating what restaurants can serve, but that’s precisely why I think this is why as conservatives we should be on the side of the employer ~which happens to be a government agency~

Small businesses ~and large~ are being regulated to death. My dh works for a religious drug rehab and they have to consult with a lawyer when they need to fire someone; and TN is a right to work state. What about smoking? Smoking is banned in restaurants. Shouldn’t that be up to the owner of the restaurant? What has happened to Americans? If we don’t like something someone else is doing, we think there needs to be a law against it. Why are we a nation that is so worried about offending someone, that we limit everything?

As a Constitutional Conservative, I believe in limited government. I think we need to do away with whole depts.; the EPA, FDA, HUD, Dept of Education, just to name a few. I think it’s hypocritical to say that I believe individuals can make their own choices for their lives, but business owners can’t.

What do you think?