Friday, June 29, 2012

Margarita for Charlotte Bergmann

With the decisions by the Supreme Court this week and the response by President Obama and the Democrats, it’s more important than ever to Repeal and Replace Steve Cohen.  Charlotte Bergmann is the only Republican in the 9th Congressional that can beat Steve Cohen.  Charlotte needs our help to get out her message of Liberty, Prosperity and Reconciliation.   It takes money to purchase media ads, signs and community outreach.   So we are throwing a Margarita Spa Happy Hour for Charlotte Bergmann.  

Discover luxury pampering with a twist… of lime! The Margarita Bath & Body Collection by BeautControl transforms the Spa experience with delicious blended scents of tangy lime, a pinch of salt and hints of sweetness. An all-inclusive collection for pampering with invigorating scents reminiscent of the most popular cocktail, making any Spa the happiest hour!  When you treat yourself to any treatment from the Margarita Bath and Body Collection, 40% of the purchase price will be donated to the Bergmann for Congress campaign. 

Margarita Instant Manicure- Enjoy this fun citrus twist to a BeautiControl favorite. Salts gently exfoliate dead skin cells, while natural oils nourish, moisturize and helping to protect your hands and nails.  $28

Margarita Extreme Repair Hand Crème- Soften and smooth your hands for the first time with the zesty scents of lime, a pinch of salt and hints of sweetness with Margarita’s Extreme Repair Hand Creme. Same formula you know and love provides a barrier against dehydration and future damage for silky-smooth hands.  $15

Margarita Bath Salts - Unwind in a hot bath after a long summer day with invigorating Margarita Bath Salts. Rich essential minerals nourish, while vitamins and natural oils moisturize and help to protect skin. Let scents of luscious lime take you away from the stress of it all.  $22

Margarita Foot Scrub - Soothe, exfoliate and reenergize exposed, stressed feet with Margarita Foot Scrub. Self-heating scrub removes rough, dry skin. Aloe soothes for feet that delight in luscious scents of lime.  $20

Margarita Foot Crème - Rejuvenate tired and stressed feet with cooling Margarita Foot Creme. Natural oils and aloe saturate skin, enhancing feet’s appearance for a soft, sexy look.  $18

Margarita Body Lotion - Quench your parched skin with Margarita’s silky body lotion. A rich, nourishing formula melts into your skin for soothing, moisturizing and long-lasting hydration. The tangy, delicious scents of lime, salt and sweetness revitalize your senses whether you’re by the pool or stepping out of the shower.  $20

Margarita Lip Balm - Give your lips a soft, healthy look with Margarita Lip Balm. Natural mango and jojoba soothe and relieve dry, chapped, sun-exposed lips. The sweet taste of Margarita leave your lips tangy and kissable.  $14

 When life gives you limes. . . Go Margarita!  Regardless of whether you are in the 9th Congressional District or not; whoever wins this race will affect your life.  If you want to Repeal and Replace ObamaCare and return to the Rule of Law and our Constitution, Charlotte Bergmann will be a vote to do just that.  Help her by going Margarita today.

To order Margarita spa treatments and donate to Charlotte, just email me .  I accept M/C; VISA; Discover and Paypal.

It’s time to Commit.  Time is running out.  Email me today with your order and Help elect Charlotte Bergmann.

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