Sunday, June 24, 2012

Memphis People of Faith: We need Your Help to Protect our Religious Liberty

You're invited to participate in one of the most important political gatherings in recent history in Memphis. 


Fellow Patriots and People of Faith,

It is my honor to invite you to a Meet and Greet held by my good friend Dr. Bob Walker, Deacon of Incarnation Catholic Church.

The Catholic Church and other Christian denominations are becoming increasingly concerned about the current administration's outright attack on our First Amendment rights of Freedom of Religion.

Will you stand with us to protect your Freedom of Religion?

As Deacon Bob said in his letter to the Catholic Churches in Memphis "Spiritual warfare prayer and proclamation of the gospel in life and word is the first offense against evil." He proclaimed that it is our duty as Christians to "educate and form our nation in the likeness and image of Christ in liberty, freedom of religion, economics free from the sin of envy (i.e. socialism) and politics free from tyranny. Doing this involves electing Senators and Representatives who are faithful Christians and who reflect the teachings of Christ."

Please join Deacon Bob and myself, along with others in our community who wish to protect our slowly eroding rights at 6:30pm on Wednesday, June 27th at 8475 Dogwood Rd, in Germantown.  Please feel free to click here in the upper right to make your reservation. 

Charlotte Bergmann
Candidate for US Congress 

Personal Note from TNWAHM

As a follower of Christ, I have become increasingly frustrated as our rights as Christians have been trampled on by our government.  The fact that my tax dollars goes to support the killing of pre-born children is nauseating to me.  The fact that my tax dollars are causing the destruction of families by “replacing” the father with a check from the government and enabling dependence instead of self-reliance sickens me.   As People of Faith, we must work together to make our voices known.  That goes beyond the walls of our churches and synagogues into the voting booths and city councils, school boards, state legislators and Congress.  We have the responsibility as citizens of Memphis and of the United States to preserve the God given Rights of Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness for our children and grand-children.  

Partnering with Charlotte Bergmann in defeating Steve Cohen will be an effective sign to the Country that you can rebuild a city ~and a nation~ thru Liberty, Prosperity and Reconciliation; that our votes will truly reflect our values as “People of Faith”.  Come meet Charlotte Bergmann and hear her heart for her native Memphis.  Hear her story of how her faith and hard work is bringing people together to work together for the Prosperity of all of Memphis.  

Even if you are not in TN-9, it is important to you that she beats Steve Cohen.  We need to send reinforcements to the Conservative Patriots in Congress that are working to bring our Country back to its Founding Principles of limited government in the Constitution.  Charlotte Bergmann will be that voice for common sense and the Constitution. You can help by donating and volunteering for her campaign.  Just go to

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