Friday, May 11, 2012

Proof: Charlotte Bergmann is a Threat to CongressCritter Cohen

You don't draw flak unless you are over the target. Congressional candidate Charlotte Bergmann is drawing flak from the Cohen campaign. The Commercial Appeal ~specifically Bart Sullivan~ is the tool that the Cohen campaign is using.

Let's connect the dots. The national media is in the tank for BO/BS. A recent example of this is a story by the Washington Post alleging that Romney "bullied" a student when he was in High School in 1965. The only problem is it never happened. This is according to the alleged victims family as reported by Another recent example of the media lying is the Trayvon Martin fiasco. NBC and ABC were caught editing audios and visuals. In fact NBC has fired people over it. CNN has also backtracked on their "audio" expert that claimed that Mr. Zimmerman used a racial slur during the 911 call.  The media is now in full retreat mode due to the fact that they realize that most Americans know the truth. 

Let's now go local to Memphis.  In both 2008 and 2010 The Commercial Appeal endorsed Cohen.  Charlotte Bergmann's message of Liberty and Reconciliation that will bring Prosperity to All Memphians is a threat to the Cohen campaign.  Her courage in the face of the obvious hostility and vitriol of Thadeus Matthews  underscores her commitment and passion for the citizens of Memphis.  Ms. Bergmann's personal story of how hard work, perseverance and faith helped her triumph over the obstacles of being a single mom and living out of her car at one point is an example to the voters of TN-9 that Mr. Cohen doesn't want  them to hear.  Mr. Cohen realizes that the biggest threat to his job is from Charlotte Bergmann, not George Flinn.  George Flinn is who Mr. Cohen would rather face in November.  Enter Mr. Sullivan and The Commercial Appeal.  Mr. Sullivan's recent hit piece article takes the word of Dr. Flinn's campaign manager that Flinn didn't receive his invitations for the forums ~maybe her dog ate them~  And his implication that no one showed for them is flat-out wrong.  I was there for both.  Also, Mr. Sullivan's attempt to smear Bartlett City Alderman David Parsons by claiming that he hadn't responded to email or voice messages is questionable.  Maybe Mr. Sullivan should allow more than 10 or 15 minutes for a response.   ~This is a common tactic used by the media.~   As far as Mr. Sullivan's other quotes and sources; I just know ~and most people know~ that you can get the answers you want by the way you word the questions or by omitting part of answers. 

The bottom line is Charlotte Bergmann is the Congressional candidate that CongressCritter Cohen fears; not George Flinn with all of his campaign cash.  This is just the latest round of flak that Charlotte Bergmann is receiving.  

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  1. Brenda, I've been out of the look recently, with overload at work, tired legs and family coming in from Nashville, but I am very impressed at your handling of all the media stuff. I think YOU should be the chair or whatever of our news group and not me. I just don't have the resources with my slow computer and other things to do the best job for Charlotte. I can try to walk and help out with regular donations, but I am really impressed with your knowledge of the players involved in the local media smears and absolute bias. I haven't gotten the CA for over ten years. God Bless you and your whole family for being so consistent with your efforts. Love you, gwyn