Monday, June 18, 2012

When Life give you Limes: Go Margarita

Nothing says summertime and party like Margaritas.  The tangy scent of citrus; the cooling sensation of frozen, salty goodness is just what is needed to refresh on a hot summer day or sultry summer night.
The hottest spa company, BeautiControl, introduces the Margarita Bath and Body Collection.  Exclusive new treatments to turn your bathroom into your own personal “Happy Hour”  

First, light some candles in your bathroom.  Pour Margarita Bath Salts into your bathtub and let the sweet, salty fragrance envelope you.  Sea Salts will nourish your skin while Avocado oil moisturizes; as the Lime Extract purifies, it will also invigorate your senses.  Vitamins A,C & E will protect your skin from free radicals.

As you prepare to exit your bath; rub your feet with Margarita Foot Scrub.  As you rub your feet with a circular motion, experience the tropical warming of the scrub while it removes rough dry skin.  Soothing Aloe and Safflower provides hydration and moisture from natural oils.  Aloe Vera oil penetrates skin four times faster than water.  Margarita Foot Scrub prepares your feet to soak up the natural oils and Aloe in the Margarita Foot Crème.  For really soft feet, slip a pair of spa socks on to lock-in the moisture overnight.

Next, treat your skin with Margarita Body Lotion.   As once again, Aloe works to hydrate and produce silk, smooth skin.   EFA’s ~Essential Fatty Acids~ and humectants draw moisture to the skin; all with the tangy fragrance of Margaritas.  

Your hands will next experience the luxurious treatment of Margarita Instant Manicure.  Sea salts will gently remove the dead skin cells while Avocado oil works its magic on moisturizing your skin and vitamins A, C and E protect your skin.  Finish your spa hand treatment with Margarita Extreme Repair Hand Crème.  This is the first time that BeautiControl has added scent to their Best Selling Hand Crème.  Alpha Hydroxy Acids exfoliates dead surface skin while moisturizing ingredients work to soften and smooth hands.  

For the finishing touch to your Margarita Spa Happy Hour, apply the special exfoliator of Skinlogics Lip Apeel to remove dry skin and minimize lines on/around your lips.  Then apply Margarita Lip Balm.  Natural mango and jojoba will soothe and leave your lips kissable.  

Treat yourself to your own Margarita SPA Happy Hour.  Exclusive from me ~TN WAHM~ Free Gift with Margarita SPA Purchase.  FREE Margarita Lip Balm ~$14 value~ with any $40 Margarita SPA Collection purchase.  Just shop at BeautiControl Margarita Collection and then email me with your order.  I accept M/C, VISA, Discover and Paypal.

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