Friday, September 30, 2011

Last Day: BOGO Tupperware Super Cereal Storer

Is your cabinet filled with stale, messy, half-empty cereal boxes? I buy our family's cereal at Costco and I love my Super Cereal Storers.
This large-capacity container holds 20 cups/4.8 L of your morning favorite and lets you see exactly how much is left at a glance. The virtually airtight seal eliminates staleness, keeps contents safe from insects, prevents waste, saves space and keeps cabinets tidier than boxes. Special flip-open spout allows for easy, no-mess pouring!

Just go to Tupperware: Click on Shop Product Gallery: On Sale. Sale ends Friday, September 30, 2011. So you must shop today to get this good deal.

Also ending today is Modular Mates Super Oval 4 Set and Mickey Mouse One Touch Canisters. Don't miss out.

Keep Bugs IN and OUT.

Earlier this week, I experienced one of the many benefits of having grains sealed in Tupperware Modular Mates and Super Cereal Storers. I had those grain bugs in my cabinet where I store my cereals, pastas and rice. I found bugs in my rice. Thankfully, since they were in a Super Oval Modular Mate by Tupperware, they were contained in the rice; however, I did have some pasta that was stored in the manufacturer's box that infested my cabinet. Fortunately, because my cereals, crackers and coffee beans were sealed in Tupperware Modular Mates, I didn't have to throw them all out.

Right now, Tupperware has the Modular Mates Super Oval 4 Set on sale. It's a great time to start your set. You get 2 MM Super Oval 4's for $21.50 which is a savings of $14.50. I easily saved that much this week with my bugs.

Just go to Tupperware and click on Shop Our Product Gallery: Storage to see all of the Modular Mates Storage System. Trust me, it's worth it.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

Happy 224th Birthday Constitution!

Today is the 224th Birthday of the U.S. Constitution. It is under attack more than ever. It's more important than ever that American citizens know this amazing document. It is the foundation for our form of government and our Freedom.

Today would be a great day to read the Constitution. How do you know if the federal government is overstepping it's bounds if we don't know what it contains.

I'm celebrating today by watching the opening speeches of the online course Introduction to the Constitution by Hillsdale College ~A Constitution Day Celebration~. In the next few weeks, I will continue the web series. It's not too late to sign up for it.

Happy Birthday Constitution!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Gotta Love Newt!

Newt is an example of why I want lots of candidates for the Republican nomination. Competition is a good thing. I want candidates to spell out their ideas and convince us, the voters, about why their ideas will be best for America. Each candidate brings good and bad to the table. Newt is a brilliant historian and legislator. I don't agree with him on everything, but what he brings to the conversation is important.

Last night during the Republican debate, Newt was awesome. He took it right to the left stream media and called them out on their mission to protect BO/BS by getting Republicans to fight among themselves.

He also stated that if BO/BS really cared about Americans and jobs, he'd walk into his campaign ~I mean jobs/Joint Session~ speech tonight and ask for the repeal of Hellcare.

He did the same to Chris Wallace during the Iowa Fox Debate; excoriated him for his gotcha questions.

Newt also shined in the Palmetto Freedom Forum. H/T Gingrichforpres.

Here's Newt on American Exceptionalism.

"Power comes from directly from God to each one of you. You are personally sovereign. So you are always a citizen, never a subject."

Here's Newt on Immigration.

We want to be a melting pot, We want you to come to America to be American. "English should be the official language of government."

Here's Newt on Judicial Tyranny.

"There's a formal way to amend the Constitution. It's a very complicated process." The idea that "by a 5-4 vote, appointed lawyers can be the equivalent of a a Constitutional Convention is an absurdity."

"The Supreme Court is Supreme in the judicial branch and the judicial branch is one of the three branches. It's the third branch mentioned in the Constitution." and in the Federalist Papers, "Alexander Hamiliton says explicitly, 'it will be the weakest of the three branches.'"

Newt on jobs and his Prosperity Plan.

Detroit is an example of what bad government policies can do to America.

His plan;
  • Repeal Dodd-Frank
  • Replace EPA with Environmental Solutions Agency
  • Repeal Sarbanes-Oxley Act
  • 21st Century FDA

    On his campaign site, he discusses the importance of other changes including Repeal of Hellcare, the Community Redevelopment Act and breaking up Fannie and Freddie.

    His Tax Policy:
  • Not tax increases in 2013
  • 0 capital gains tax
  • 12.5% corporate tax rate
  • 100% expensing for businesses
  • Abolish death tax

    On his campaign site, he also outlines his plan for entitlement, tax, balancing the budget and energy policy.

    I think Newt is a brilliant ideas man. He is not my top choice for POTUS because of personal baggage and other issues, but if he is can influence the debate and teach America Constitutional principles, then I look forward to seeing him in the future debates.
  • Wednesday, September 7, 2011

    Create Wealth or Create Jobs?

    Great video from Cato Institute.

    Did you know that in 2008 the regulatory costs on business was $1.75 Trillion. That's 14% of GDP. That's not including the new regulatory costs of the BO/BS administration including Hellcare, EPA and Frank-Dodd.

    If BO/BS was serious about creating jobs, then here's 3 steps that he could take.

    1) Cut spending by 20%. Did you know that federal spending has increased by 30% since 2008? BO/BS has not had a budget his entire presidency.

    2) Pledge no further tax increases.

    3) Freeze all new regulations.

    Don't hold your breath on him doing any of these. It is my belief that he is wrecking our economy on purpose. He pledged before the election that he was going to fundamentally transform our country. He's not done yet.

    Tuesday, September 6, 2011

    Herman Cain Talks Founding Principles

    I love Herman Cain. If Sarah Palin doesn't run, he's my top pick for POTUS.

    The Palin Plan for Economic Growth

    In a much anticipated speech last Saturday in Iowa, Sarah Palin laid out 5 steps for restoring America's economic strength thru free market capitalism. They are:

    1) Enforce the 10th amendment and devolve powers back to the states and local governments.

    2) Repeal ObamaCare.

    3) End the runaway debt. We must cut and prioritize. We can't afford government anymore.

    4) Drill Here, Drill Now! America is rich in natural resources. We need to reverse the policies of the BO/BS administration in restricting oil exploration, build oil refineries and oil pipelines. We also need to reverse the EPA rulings restricting coal mining.

    5) Cut the corporate income tax to 0. We have the highest federal corporate income tax in the industrialized world; higher than China and Cuba. As part of this plan, she would cut corporate subsidies and bailouts as well. That's right, no more corporate lobbyists "buying" politicians for an unfair advantage. This move would bring back jobs which in turn would produce new taxpayers. As Marco Rubio asks here: "Which tax produces jobs?"

    I know my dh is tired of me starting a sentence with "This is another reason that Sarah Palin should be POTUS . ." however, her record is a blueprint for what needs to happen on a national level. She reduced spending as governor even when it wasn't necessary. She set up a rainy day fund ~what a novel thought~ and sent money back to Alaskans instead of spending it. She took on Big Oil and guess who blinked? She took on the political corruption in the Republican party in Alaska. Her administration's ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share) incentivized oil development while seeing to it that Alaskans — resource owners as per the Alaska Constitution — would receive “A CLEAR and EQUITABLE SHARE (ACES) of the value of their commonly-owned oil and gas.

    She also called out the business as usual permanent political class in both parties. She places the blame of our out of control debt right at the feet of D.C. insiders. "They’ve got a lot of mouths to feed – a lot of corporate lobbyists and a lot of special interests that are counting on them to keep the good times and the money rolling along." The elections in 2010 were only a down payment for what we must accomplish in 2012 and beyond. The permanent political class is not going to go without a fight. Like the original American Revolution, this American Restoration is not only for us, but for our kids and grandkids. Are you up for it?

    Game ON 2012!

    Monday, September 5, 2011

    Sarah Palin is Running!

    From From Iowans4Palin
    ~In the Storm Lake "Jump Right In and Run" Half Marathon~
    My wife is a big time walker.

    She was registered to to walk in the 'Jump Right in and Run' half marathon and 5k walk here in beautiful Storm Lake, Iowa, so we had to hurry home from the big Tea Party of America rally that Governor Palin spoke at held in Indianola Iowa on Saturday.

    I was still in bed at a little after 7am this morning when my wife called me in near hysterics that she had just met Todd and Sarah Palin as she was getting ready to start the event! Unbelievably... they were here in town!

    What a treat after witnessing her amazing speech the day before; here she was in my hometown for a run.

    Needless to say I jumped out of bed and got down by the lake in time to wait along with Todd for Sarah to finish the half marathon (she had a very good time) ...Todd said, 'yeah, she's fast."

    Her reported time: 1:45...that's for 13.1 miles.

    I am blown away! No one even knew who they were. Wearing visors and sunglasses, with no entourage or people around them, they just kind of blended right in.

    They said they got in to town the night before and were flying out for New Hampshire today for her big speech Monday at another Tea Party event..

    After speaking with them for a while I let them go sort of mingle with others, I didn't want be a pest after all, but before they left they came back over to me and my wife, thanked us again and said they were so happy to
    meet us, then stood for a quick picture.

    Only as they were leaving did a few people start to notice who they were. Most had no clue.

    This was not a campaign event, this was some personal time for Governor Palin to get in a good run in a beautiful setting and they didn't want anyone to even know they had slipped in. Very low profile. Amazing they can pull this off.

    But to the people who did recognize her, she was as gracious and friendly as one could be. You can just tell she loves people, is very sincerely interested in learning about you and what's going on in the area.

    The perfect way to top off an amazing weekend.

    Turns out Sarah Palin finished 2nd in her age group. Can't wait to hear her speech tonight in New Hampshire

    GameOn 2012!

    Friday, September 2, 2011

    Where is Hell?

    H/T to Conservative Treehouse

    Kevin Jackson makes some excellent points.
    Questions that we need to ask:

  • Who's to blame for the substandard schools in black neighborhoods?
  • Who's shooting up black neighborhoods?
  • How is an organization that is less than 3 years old be to blame?

    We have a racism problem here in Memphis that nobody is willing to talk about ~except pols like "King Willie" when they need to stir up voters to get elected or want more money or power. It's time to ask some tough questions.

    How has dependence on the DemonRats and government worked out for you? It's time to look at results, not just "intentions."

    It's time for patriots like Charlotte Bergmann to be heard and used as an example in black communities that the American Dream is still alive and well in the United States and dependance on the government isn't going to get it for you or your kids.