Friday, June 24, 2011

Steve Cohen; The History Buff?

On the floor of the House this week, Mr. Cohen calls himself a “history buff”.

Just last week, he got history wrong when he said that it was the Democrats during the Clinton administration that balanced the budget. For those of you that may have forgotten ~like Mr. Cohen~ the Republicans controlled both the House and Senate during the last 6 years of the Clinton administration. Since it’s Congress who controls the purse strings of the federal government; it was the Republicans who balanced the budget and Clinton took credit for it. Clinton also signed welfare reform. But I digress.

Mr. Cohen also praises Medicare as a great program. Medicare is such a successful program, that there is a whole segment of the insurance industry called Med Sup plans; it’s become increasingly harder for Medicare patients to find doctors who take Medicare because of the reimbursement rates for doctors; and Hellcare cut $500 Billion from Medicare to keep it under the low, low price tag of $1 Trillion ~which we’re finding out more and more that it isn’t true~. Color me surprised! A government program that costs more than projected.

Mr. Cohen cites Social Security as “one of the great social advances of the 20th century”. Maybe because he’s such a “history buff” he doesn’t know that Social Security is about to go broke and American’s my age won’t see a dime of it.

Mr. Cohen says he doesn’t want Nixon to only be remembered for Watergate; he should also be remembered for Clean Water which is the “signature achievement” of his presidency. How magnanimous of you, Mr. Cohen. The environmentalists have regulated industries ~along with unions and high taxes~ out of business. Look at how the EPA is using the "Clean Water Act" to suspend 79 mining permits in West Virgina, Ohio, Kentucky and Tennessee.

Last week he accused Republicans of not doing anything about jobs. What Mr. Cohen means is that the Republicans don’t see government spending as the way to create jobs. Like the last “stimulus” did so well.

Again, surprise, surprise! The way to create jobs is to cut taxes and regulations on businesses.

Mr. Cohen, quit spending my children and grandchildren's money. And brushing up on some history wouldn't do you any harm either.

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