Saturday, June 18, 2011

Steve Cohen needs a History lesson.

Here's Congressman Cohen on why he supports WIC.

As I pointed out on his FB page where he posted his weekly newsletter with links to his speeches on the floor of the House, "History is NOT your strong suit is it? The demonrats controlled Congress only during the first 2 years of Clinton's administration; America put Repubs in control of both the House and Senate in 1994 for the rest of his years. Seeing as it is Congress specifically, the House of Reps~ that spends and allocates federal money, it was the Repubs that balanced the budget and Clinton signed it. It was also Clinton who signed welfare reform that helped reduce the spending."

A Cohen supporter then commented; "Stick to the issue, TNWAHM. We know you hate Demoncrats"

To which my reply was, "Freudian slip there, LD? You called yourself Demoncrats. I don't hate Demoncrats; I disagree with your policies and hate what you have done to this country. It's not personal.

I am sticking to the issues. In his "speech" on support for WIC ~which I actually listened to~ Mr. Cohen says, "the Bush Tax Cuts were created when there was a surplus created by a Democratic Congress and a Democratic President, Bill Clinton; and these tax cuts were passed because we had a surplus." It's a joke when Demonrats try to take credit for the balancing of the budget during the Clinton years. It was the Republicans in Congress that did that. It's also a joke when Demonrats like Cohen talk about being fiscally responsible when they didn't pass a budget for 2011 and haven't presented one for 2012.

"2007 was the when the Demonrats took over Congress; ~it's also when Mr. Cohen first went to D.C.~ since then, the budget deficits doubled to $455 Billion in 2008, then tripled to $1.4 Trillion in 2009, $1.3 Trillion in 2010 and on pace for at least that this year.

"The liberal safety net has turned into a hammock. Not only has it destroyed lives by taking fathers out of the home by "replacing" them with a check; we can't afford it anymore.

'As far as the Republicans not "producing" a jobs bill; ~again from Mr. Cohen's speeches~ we don't need more government spending. What we need are tax cuts for small businesses and regulation cuts. When it comes down to it, the vote to repeal Hellcare was a jobs bill. There have been over 1,300 waivers given to businesses for Hellcare, Talk about a job killing bill. He wants to give tax cuts for "green energy" jobs, if it's good for them, why not for the rest of America?"

Steve Cohen on the Dems Jobs Creation Plan

The Demonrats didn't pass a budget for 2011 and haven't submitted one for 2012 and Steve Cohen is trying to go after the Republicans because they haven't submitted a jobs bill? Really? Cohen's idea of a jobs bill is the government sending more money to the unions. The only jobs bill that we need is to cut corporate taxes and regulations on businesses in the US. Get government out of the way of entrepreneurs and we'll see real job creation. Steve Cohen hasn't ever run a business; he hasn't ever had to meet a payroll. All he's done is been a "public" servant and spent first the state of Tennessee's taxpayer's money and now he's spending the entire country's taxpayer's money.

He says we need incentives for "green energy" jobs so "we don't have to spend so much money with our military and lives protecting the oil imports from the Middle East." We have the natural gas and oil reserves right here in our country, but not only is the BO/BS administration not allowing expansion of our own domestic energy supply, but they've shut down oil production.

Actually the vote to repeal hellcare is a jobs creation bill. One of the various reasons that business aren't expanding right now, is because of uncertainty of their costs going forward.

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