Friday, April 8, 2011

Fund Murder or Military?

Which is more important? Funding the Military or funding the Murder of unborn babies?

Congressional aides worked through the night in a futile
attempt to find common ground on the budget. According to
several published sources the key sticking point remains
spending cuts and funding for Planned Parenthood.

President Obama is expected to summon both Harry Reid (D-NV)
and John Boehner (R-OH) to his office this morning -- no
doubt to ratchet up the pressure to come to some sort of

Unless the cuts are severe and substantial
let them shut it down and go home!

+ + Action Item #1 -- Call your Senators and Representative

With your petition delivered, we are asking that you call
your two Senators and Representative and let them know
where you stand on the budget debate.

Here is your contact information:

Sen. Alexander 202-224-4944

Sen. Corker 202-224-3344

Rep. Fincher 202-225-4714

+ + Action Item #2 -- FAX Your lawmakers NOW!

After making your calls, consider intensifying your presence
by clicking below and rushing personalized fax messages to
key players in the budget debate -- including your two
Senators and Representative.

Click here to schedule your personalized faxes for fast delivery:

If you prefer sending faxes on your own. Grassfire Nation has
made it easy for you to download contact information, and our
fax letters to send on your own. Simply click below:

It has truly has come down to this.

Your actions over these next several hours may well determine
the course of our nation!

Don't delay! Make your calls and schedule your faxes right
now by clicking here:

Thanks for taking action with Grassfire Nation.

Grassfire Nation

P.S. Utilizing petitions, faxes and phones get the message out
to your elected officials "Cut government spending or shut it
down!" Click here now to schedule your faxes:

It's time to burn the phone lines and fire up the faxes!

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