Tuesday, November 2, 2010

TN Ground Report - Election Day 2010

TN Ground Report

It’s a great day here in Memphis! The Memphis area is represented by 3 different Congressional districts: TN-7,8, and 9. The 7th & 8th districts run east to west in the state while the 9th district is most of Memphis.

I am in the 8th district and our Congressman, John Tanner, is a “blue dog” Dem who saw the writing on the wall and is retiring, hence it’s an open seat. I think the Republican primary here was one of the most expensive in the country. The Republican candidate is a farmer named Stephen Fincher. The local Tea Party is supporting an Independent named Don Janes. The Demonrat in this race, Roy Herron, isn’t even identifying himself as a Demonrat. I wasn’t sure who I was going to vote for because I hadn’t heard much about the Independent candidate, but after a couple of back and forths on the Tea Party FB page a couple of weeks ago, I decided to vote for Fincher. Normally, I would support the party backed by the TP, but I also don’t want to split the conservative/Repub vote and elect a Demonrat either. Turns out, the TP claims that 5 of the 8 TP in the district were co-opted by the state Repub party to support Fincher and didn’t give their guy a chance. After the discussion about this, I decided to vote for Fincher. I’m fairly certain, he’ll win.

The race that is really interesting to me is TN9. The majority of the district is AA. It’s considered one of the safest districts for Dems in the country. There was a big primary race in the Dems between the present Demonrat liberal, progressive, oppressive, Steve Cohen and our former mayor “King Willie” Herenton. “King Willie” is all about race. He is the ultimate race baiter and said he ran solely because Memphis needs a black congressman. He’s right, but it just isn't him. He lost to Cohen in the primary, but now Cohen faces a Conservative AA woman named Charlotte Bergmann. Cohen is an arrogant, condescending lap dog for Pelosi. He shut down his campaign headquarters ~he said he moved it to his home ~ in August. See Here He refused to debate Charlotte Bergmann, calling her a minor candidate. It’s a long shot, but I have a feeling Cohen will be singing a different tune this evening.

The Republicans pulled out an upset in the Shelby County races in August. The Dems here are still whining about it. When Charlotte Bergmann wins tonight, it will indeed be an upset of epic proportions. I can’t wait!

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  1. TN Mom:
    Keep sticking up for yourself, and make your voice heard!

    Many prayers and positive energy still going your way for your beautiful daughter.