Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Happy Tennessean!

I am a happy Tennessean! As a resident of TN-8, I am pleased that we replaced Demonrat Tanner with Republican Stephen Fincher. I was afraid that Independent Donn Janes would split the conservative/republican vote and get Demonrat Herron elected, but I think there were many of his “supporters” that decided not to be purists and risk electing a Demonrat.

I am disappointed ~but not surprised~ that Pelosi lap dog Cohen wasn’t defeated in TN-9, but he’s definitely been neutered. I knew that Charlotte Bergmann was a long shot, but I was hoping for a miracle. People who live off the taxpayers should not be able to vote themselves a raise.

Tennessee was one of the governorships that flipped from Demonrat to Republican. I hope that Bill Haslam will do Tennessee proud.

All in all a great night for Tennessee and the country.

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