Thursday, October 28, 2010

Reverse Operation Chaos!

Last week, Rush Limbaugh called for Reverse Operation Chaos. For those Dems that were Hillary supporters to sit home on November 2, to give her the numbers she needs to challenge BO in the primary in 2012. He mentioned the Hillbuzz "Babes" as voting with their feet and putting them up on the coffee table on November 2. What Rush didn't realize is that the Hillbuzz "Babes" are already working on their own Reverse Operation Chaos. They are working independently to defeat Jan Schakowsky by distributing these Palm Cards in her district. They are also publishing "Ground Reports" from all over the country ~and the world~ to help energize those of us working for the Demonrats defeat next Tuesday.

As conservatives, we don't want the Hillbuzz "Babes" to stay home and wait out this election. They are working harder than most Republicans to oust the Demonrats and elect conservatives to D.C. They are all in to defeat ObeyMe and all his cronies.

Here is their Open Letter to Rush explaining why they have their own Reverse Operation Chaos. As a proud reader of Hillbuzz, I am happy to share them with you.

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