Sunday, November 21, 2010

I'm Putting My Money on Sarah Palin!

A friend recently posted an article on FB about Sarah Palin saying that she could beat BO in 2012 and asked if we'd vote for her. This is my reply.

Palin has my support and I will campaign for her. Why do you think the left keeps going after her? They are scared of her. I don't understand those that think she isn't ready or qualified. She ran a city and state. Look at her record with the budget as governor of Alaska. She cut spending even with a demonrat run state legislature. She took on the corruption in the Republican Party; an example of which is Lisa Murkowski ~whose dad Palin defeated to become governor. ~ She runs a small business. She knows how to meet a payroll. She knows how government regulations strangle a business. She was the first to name the "death panels" in the hellcare bill. She understands that energy independence is a national security issue. She went toe-to-toe with oil execs in Alaska and won. She is a shining example of being pro-life. Even with the left still demonizing her and her family, she is still smiling, enjoying life and living the American dream. She believes in the greatness of America ~as founded~ and in the goodness of the American people. I can see no one else on the national stage that has her experience, love of country and fearlessness to speak the truth and go after the left.

Another reason I support her is that the cocktail party repubs are afraid of her also. She is not an inside the beltway politician. She is fly-over America. She relates to normal Americans. As we say around here, she is good people. She is us. Isn’t that what we as “Tea Partiers” say we want? Common sense? American values? Hard work, love of God, country and family? What about her doesn’t scream that? She is a modern day patriot.

Yes, I’m all in for Sarah Palin. She has my vote and support.

Another commenter posted that while she was nice she didn't have "Presidential leadership qualities and intellectual abilities needed to win." To which I replied;

Could you please explain why you think that Palin doesn't have "the presidential leadership qualities and intellectual abbilities needed to win." Is it because she doesn't have a degree from some fancy Ivy League school? That's an elitest attitude. How has that worked for us so far? She worked her way thru college. She inspires people to believe in themselves. She is exactly who we need as our next president.

To which he replied by posting this article by Mona Charen. To which my reply was:

I don't agree. Charen is an inside-the-beltway cocktail Repub. Look how well that turned out in 2008. Charen's main arguement is that Palin is "cheesy;" if that doesn't cry out elitism, I'm a pumpkin.

The idea that Palin's endorsement caused the loss of the DE seat is laughable. Exit polls showed Castle wouldn't have won either. COD may have won if the cocktail repubs would have supported her ~like we conservatives are told we MUST do when our candidate loses in the primary.~

The cocktail party repubs are just as afraid of Palin as the demonrats are. She took on the corruption in the repub party in Alaska. She's not one of them. She is one of us. She believes in limited government, strong national defense, and energy independence. She terrifies the left and coctail repubs. She doesn't cower to the LSM. President Bush was criticized because he didn't defend himself against attacks from the left/media; but now Palin can't? You can't have it both ways.

BV's next reply was:
BTW....An "elitist school" and "not saying anything nice about Sarah Palin" are both statements with NO basis. No one (that I know) has brought up "schooling" as an issue.....also, even this article has "nice things to say about Sarah"!! ...I do as well. She is an enthusiastic patriot and a great champion of many conservative issues. She represents a large portion of "everyday Americans" and appears very excited about her passion. BUT, again that does not mean she has the leadership qualities needed for a complex nation and its matters of state.

The nation made a bad mistake in 2008 by not vetting and "jumping on an emotional ride".... and I believe due diligence should be given to the next before these mistakes become irreversible.

Although I don't think all of Charen's comments are "spot-on"; but I don't think she represents any so-called "cocktail Repubs" either....that's just name-calling and labelling. I'll stick with most of her valid points though.

You asked for my opinion as to why I think she lacks the leadership qualities.....Mona listed many of them in her opening paragraphs.
You are certainly welcome to disagree. That's what makes this is all about.

My response:
BV, you are right. We should be able to debate about positions and policies. Thank you for answering.

I don’t know where you got that I said that Charen and others didn’t have anything “nice to say about Sarah Palin.” I never said that. I said that they are afraid of her. She stands for principle over party ~and not in the McCain sense. ~ I’m sorry you took offense to “cocktail party repubs;” I use the term because it is very descriptive of the inside-the-beltway pols that aren’t real conservatives and aren’t willing to take a stand for conservative principles. They enjoy the “perks” of D.C. and don’t want to make any waves that would get them dis-invited to the cocktail parties.

I mentioned “elite schools” because that is usually what people mean when they say she isn’t intellectual enough. What exactly did you mean about her not having the “intellectual qualities” to be president? As far as her “leadership qualities,” I notice that you didn’t refute any of my facts about her record as governor of Alaska. A leader is someone that inspires and influences people to action. I would say that she definitely fits that description.

BV's reply:
Don't worry, TN WAHM.....I like debates...and take no offense in any of your statements really. I just think I would rather have someone with more of a "statesman/stateslady" quality with a broader knowledge of government and global issues ...with an ability to express oneself (and the issues) in a greater intellectual manner. I listen to Sarah and can not envision her on a real national or world stage, sorry.....Maybe its just me; but I know many independents agree.

I would more opt for someone like Newt Gingrich for those qualities; but I have grave reservations on problems with his past baggage.
Don't know as I have settled on any one candidate this early.....but I don't think we should be fooled into another grave mistake as 2008.

For the record, I didn't vote for Obama or McCain then either.

Take care.

I then asked;

BV, what "broader knowledge of government and global issues" does she need specifically? I'd say she has an excellent grasp of the intrusions of government on We the People and communicates it extremely well. Her FB notes send the WH and the left into conniptions. She speaks so that the "average" American understands what she means. I'll take that over the lofty condescension of “intellectuals” any day.

I’m curious; you stated you didn’t vote for BO or McCain. What was it about McCain that made you not want to vote for him? Was he not intellectual enough for you? Or maybe he wasn’t the statesman that was up to your standards? Was he not moderate enough for you or was he too moderate? Please explain.

BF's reply as too why he didn't vote for McCain:
McCain has been around for too long.....he has changed positions on so many issues I doubt even he knows which way to turn half the time (and much too soft spoken to boot!).
Yes, he is a true patriot (even, like myself, a former Annapolis and former Naval officer) and we owe him alot for his service; but that doesn't earn him my vote for Pres either.
Back to Sarah....she, too, doesn't earn my vote just because she can relate to the ave. person. Lots of people can do that. Again, doesn't mean that you can lead a complex government and be the leader of a globally influential country such as ours.
Do yourself a favor and go to Youtube and pull up a speech by Newt Gingrich, then go to one from Sarah. You should see a difference.
There are other good ones though, too. I like Allen West...he has great principles, but I think he has insufficient governmental experience. I prob prefer a JimDeMint/Marco Rubio ticket at this point.
But again, we're too far away yet to see.

To which my reply was:
I've heard speeches by both Sarah Palin and Newt. While Newt is great on history and brilliant, I prefer Sarah Palin. Maybe I'm not intellectual enough.

I agree with you on Jim DeMint. I think he’s a great conservative. I think West wo...uld be a great VP for Palin and president later. Rubio isn’t qualified as a NBC to be president. His parents were not citizens when he was born.

It's interesting that we have someone who didn't vote for McCain in 2008 ~which meant he helped elect BO~ because he was wishy washy; yet he doesn't think that Sarah Palin has "presidential leadership qualities and intellectual abilities to win." Is there a candidate out there that could earn BV's vote? Actually, I think there is: Sarah Palin. The more we defend her and promote her record, the more I believe people like BV will be impressed by her.

Run Sarah Run!


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