Thursday, July 7, 2011

Which Tax Creates Jobs?

Senator Marco Rubio asks an excellent question. Which of the proposed tax increases by the DemonRats will create jobs?

The latest example of millionaires and billionaires demonized by BO/BS are corporate jet owners; however, according to Bloomberg this end of the tax break ~which was in the stiumlus bill so technically, it's a DemonRat tax break~ would only put $3 Billion into the treasure over the next decade. In fact, if you add up all of the proposed tax hikes the DemonRats are currently demagoguing on they would only equal 9 days and 23 hours of deficit spending. That's not going to fix the current budget crisis.

The answer is more taxpayers; not more and higher taxes. History has shown that raising taxes doesn't raise revenue. The latest example of this is the Bush Tax Cuts. BO/BS even know this. During a primary debate in 2008, when asked the question about why when revenues increased when the Capital Gains Tax rate was lowered in 1997, revenues went up, why he would raise the tax rate and his answer? "For purposes of Fairness"

How high does BO/BS and the DemonRats want the unemployment rate to be? It's a bad idea to pass anything that make it harder to create jobs.

I ask with Senator Rubio;
Which of these new taxes will create jobs?

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