Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Palin Plan for Economic Growth

In a much anticipated speech last Saturday in Iowa, Sarah Palin laid out 5 steps for restoring America's economic strength thru free market capitalism. They are:

1) Enforce the 10th amendment and devolve powers back to the states and local governments.

2) Repeal ObamaCare.

3) End the runaway debt. We must cut and prioritize. We can't afford government anymore.

4) Drill Here, Drill Now! America is rich in natural resources. We need to reverse the policies of the BO/BS administration in restricting oil exploration, build oil refineries and oil pipelines. We also need to reverse the EPA rulings restricting coal mining.

5) Cut the corporate income tax to 0. We have the highest federal corporate income tax in the industrialized world; higher than China and Cuba. As part of this plan, she would cut corporate subsidies and bailouts as well. That's right, no more corporate lobbyists "buying" politicians for an unfair advantage. This move would bring back jobs which in turn would produce new taxpayers. As Marco Rubio asks here: "Which tax produces jobs?"

I know my dh is tired of me starting a sentence with "This is another reason that Sarah Palin should be POTUS . ." however, her record is a blueprint for what needs to happen on a national level. She reduced spending as governor even when it wasn't necessary. She set up a rainy day fund ~what a novel thought~ and sent money back to Alaskans instead of spending it. She took on Big Oil and guess who blinked? She took on the political corruption in the Republican party in Alaska. Her administration's ACES (Alaska’s Clear and Equitable Share) incentivized oil development while seeing to it that Alaskans — resource owners as per the Alaska Constitution — would receive “A CLEAR and EQUITABLE SHARE (ACES) of the value of their commonly-owned oil and gas.

She also called out the business as usual permanent political class in both parties. She places the blame of our out of control debt right at the feet of D.C. insiders. "They’ve got a lot of mouths to feed – a lot of corporate lobbyists and a lot of special interests that are counting on them to keep the good times and the money rolling along." The elections in 2010 were only a down payment for what we must accomplish in 2012 and beyond. The permanent political class is not going to go without a fight. Like the original American Revolution, this American Restoration is not only for us, but for our kids and grandkids. Are you up for it?

Game ON 2012!

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