Monday, May 2, 2011


Here’s a perfect example of what Herman Cain calls S.I.N. ~Liberal Tactics~

Shift the Subject
Ignore the Facts
Name Call

Today I had an old friend post a pic on Facebook with the caption: “Sorry it took so long to get you a copy of my birth certificate. I was too busy killing Osama Bin Laden.

My comment was along the lines of Thank you BO/BS for continuing the policies of President Bush and not closing Guantanamo which made the death of Bin Laden possible. I confess I didn’t think to copy and paste it because I didn’t think it would be deleted. Following is our exchange.

Friend: "Your comment has so much wrong with it... I'm just going to delete it. Point is -- your guy couldn't get Osama. Period."

Me: "So set me straight with the truth. Afraid some of your lefty friends would agree with me?" This comment was deleted

Friend: "Truth is... the WORST terrorist attack on America in history happened on Bush's watch! Why? Because he IGNORED the intelligence given to him by the departing Clinton administration. Bush administration was WARNED in August 2001 that Bin Laden was determined to strike the U.S. with our own domestic airliners, but he couldn't be bothered because he was on vacation in Crawford at the time. Had he paid attention, (2) unnecessary wars and countless thousands of American soldiers' lives could have been saved."

Me: "So you are a Truther, I guess. It's all Bush's fault. You are right. It is Bush's fault that because of his policies there was not another major attack on US soil. There have been many attempted since BO/BS was immaculated and it was God's grace that they were unsuccessful. As far as BO/BS promising to kill Bin Laden, do you really think that he would secure defeat while POTUS? That's why he didn't close Guantanamo Bay like he signed an executive order his first week in office." Again deleted

Friend: "As long as you disrepectfully refer to the President by anything other than his actual name, your comments will be deleted. You will pay him the proper respect of his actual name at the very least if posting on my wall."

Me: "His name is Barack Obama/Barry Sotero isn't it? You do remember that he was adopted by Lolo Sotero when his mom married him and moved to Indonesia." Once again deleted

He then proceeded to delete all my comments.

Friend: "You're so full of b.s. as I figured."

To which I replied: "Do you really not know he was adopted by Lolo Soetoro and lived in Indinosesia? He went by Barry Soetoro ~sorry I misspelled it earlier~ into his 20's. When did he legally change his name back to BO?"

I’m expecting it to be deleted by the time I return from picking up from dialysis. I think I may get de-friended over this. Hahaha

I returned and indeed he had deleted my comment. Here is what he deleted my comments with: “Spread your lies and rumors elsewhere,”

Then he and a couple of his friends started singing the praises of BO/BS.

My next comment ~which I expect to be deleted within minutes: “So sure of your opinions that you delete my comments huh? Can't defend your positions, so you hit delete. Don't get me wrong, I'd delete dissenting comments too if I couldn't defend myself.”

Friend: "I can defend everything I say. I delete your remarks because you are not using proper respect towards the President. If you can't deal with that, then move on."

Me: "No Friend, it’s called S.I.N. ~the tactic that you liberals use~ Shift the subject; Ignore the Facts; and Name Call. I’m surprised you haven’t called me racist yet. You haven’t answered my question yet about Barry Soetoro; well actually you have by deleting my comments."

Me: "You need to do a little research of your own on your beloved President if you don't know that he was adopted by Lolo Soetero and lived in Indonesia."

Friend: "You can stop spouting your right wing conspiracy crap here. Your so-called "lack of American citizenship" was debunked this week, but you may not have heard since you only listen to your right wing propaganda."

Me: "ahhh, Shift the Subject: BO being adopted and registered as Barry Soetoro while in school in Indonesia has nothing to do with where he was born. Good try though."

I was just defriended by him. hahahahaha