Tuesday, May 24, 2011

More Cain on Israel

This past weekend, Herman Cain announced his candidacy for POTUS. He is one of my top choices for 2012. I like his business experience and his no-nonsense style.

He has taken some hits for not knowing what the "Right to Return" is in Israel during his interview with Chris Wallace. Here is his whole interview and what he says about Israel. He gets it right. It's not the president's job to dictate to our allies what their borders are. Also, I would rather have a president who may not know all the nuances of terms in the Middle East than one who thinks we have 57 states in America.

Here is Cain talking to Hannity. He further explains his answer about the "Right of Return." He admits he didn't know the term, ~how refreshingly honest~ but reaffirms his support of Israel and their right to determine their own borders.

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