Friday, May 20, 2011

Eye Pads for St. Louis Children's Hospital

My middle daughter is in kidney failure due to an e-coli bug she caught last August.  She spent 16 days in Le Bonheur Children's Hospital with 8 of those in ICU.  We have spent the last 9 months going to dialysis 3 times a week at Le Bonheur.  Because of insurance, we will be going to St. Louis Children's Hospital for her kidney transplant on June 1.  She will be in the hospital for 6-7 days and then stay in St. Louis for about 2-3 weeks after that. 


Having been in the situation of having a child in the hospital for an extended period and meeting many families in the same boat, I want to do something special for the families of patients while in St. Louis and a friend suggested that I SPA them.  I am going to treat them to BeautiControl's awesome Instant Manicure hand treatment, Nourishing Eye Pads, Lip Apeel lip treatment, and soothing Cooling Foot Salve.


To fund these spas; this weekend, I'm having the "Eye Pads for St. Louis Children's Hospital" event.  All profits from BeautiControl orders thru Sunday, May 22 will go towards spa supplies for families of St. Louis Children's Hospital  It's very traumatic to have a child in the hospital and I believe that by pampering some moms and family members, I can show the love of Christ right where God has put me.

Thank you for your prayers for my daughter and my family.

Have a Great Day!

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