Monday, October 25, 2010

My Decision is Made

The November election is just 8 short days away. The Demonrats are pulling out all the stops in order to save their power in D.C. Hang on to your hats girls and boys, because the next few days will be bumpy.

I’m in the TN-8 Congressional district and I’ve been in a quandary about who to vote for; ~have no fear, I won’t be voting for the Demonrat, who isn’t identifying himself as such, ~ but the Mid South Tea Party is backing an independent candidate Don Janes instead of Republican Stephen Fincher. In the primary, I would back the candidate endorsed by the Tea Party, but in the general election I wasn’t so sure. I haven’t received any campaign literature and have only seen 2 signs for Janes. Over the weekend, I got into a discussion on the Mid South Tea Party Facebook page about it. They were going after the Republican Fincher about some questions with his campaign financing. I asked why Janes didn’t run in the primary and noted that he may get the Demonrat elected by splitting the conservative/Republican vote. I also linked to an excellent article by Hillbuzz about third party candidates only helping to elect Demonrats. MSTP replied with “Janes cannot win because YOU STILL TOW THE PARTY LINE...” and some comments about how the state republican party chose Fincher and co-opted 5 of the 8 Tea Parties in TN-8. They also stated that Fincher says he’s conservative, but do we really know?

I’m sure Janes is a nice person. I’m fairly certain that had he run in the Republican primary, I would have supported him, because of the backing of the Mid South Tea Party; however, I’m looking at BIG picture here. The first priority is to get the Demonrats out of power in D.C. Yes, we need to get the Cocktail Party Republicans out of D.C. also, but the way to do that is in the primary like in Delaware and Alaska.

I bet that the same people in the MSTP who are backing Janes over the Republican Fincher is upset that the moderates in the party aren’t backing Christine O'Donnell and that LeNa JaBrowski is mounting a write-in campaign because she was beaten in the primary; what they miss is that they are doing the same thing with their candidate by being purists. We have the opportunity to pick-up a seat here in TN-8. It is an open seat where the retiring CongressCritter is a Demonrat.

The Hillbuzz boyz are former Dems that see the destruction of what their party has done and are doing everything they can to elect conservative Republicans to D.C. How can we as Republicans not do the same thing for our candidates? It’s not the time to let our egos get in the way. We’ll deal with the Cocktail Party Republicans in the next few years. We must put out the fire of the Demonrats this election cycle.

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