Monday, October 25, 2010

Charlotte Bergmann Can Win!

The Oppressive Leftists are running scared. They are seeing the loss of their power on November 2, and they are in meltdown mode. Here’s the latest attck on Charlotte Bergmann by the Commercial Appeal and Steve Cohen. Oppressive Leftists like Cohen and Ms. Thomas can’t comprehend the possibility that someone in the AA community can think for themselves and not be beholden to the Demoncrats. They are afraid of people like Charlotte Bergmann and Clarence Thomas because they are proof that AA can be successful without their help.

I would like to ask the AA in TN-9 a couple of questions. Please answer honestly. How have the policies of the Demoncrats helped you? Are you better off with a check from the government or would you and your kids be better off with a dad who had a job in the family? Are you happy with your kid’s school? Or have they failed to teach them reading, writing and arithmetic? Are they safe in their MCS schools? Are you afraid when your kids play outside or do you fear that a stray bullet might hit them or that some bully or gang member will beat them up? Are you really happy in your government paid for housing or would you rather have your own house in a safe neighborhood? Would you like to choose the school that your kids attend? Are you happy with the over 13 Million black babies that have been killed by abortion? That’s more than Aids, violent crimes, heart disease, accidents and cancer combined. Are you happy with the 16.1% unemployment rate in the black community?

These are the effects of the liberal policies of the Democrat party. Don’t you think it might be time rethink your support of Democrats like Steve Cohen.

Meet Charlotte Bergmann. She’s living proof that an AA woman can succeed in Memphis. Even as a single mom with 3 kids, she earned her degrees from Christian Brothers University and is now a small business owner. It can be done, even here in Memphis.

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