Monday, January 14, 2013

Anti-Aging Lip Gloss?

Trends come and go, but one category of color cosmetics that remains constant is lip color.  Lip color has a long and, pardon the pun, colorful history.

While the use of lipstick can be traced back to the Mesopotamians and made popular by the Cleopatra. Lip Gloss, on the other hand, has a much more contemporary and recent history.

The history of lip gloss begins with Max Factor. A pioneer in the world of makeup, Factor was legendary for his contributions to the major motion picture industry.

In the early 20th century, the glamour and decadence of film was limited slightly by the appearance of makeup on the actors' faces. While Technicolor had introduced the world to a new, bolder and more colorful way of viewing films, the makeup industry had not yet caught up to the innovation. In fact, makeup artists continued to use the same cosmetics they used for actors in black and white films.

In 1930, Max factor introduced the lip gloss. Created especially for film, the gloss's original intent was to lend the lips a shiny appearance on camera. The glossy, almost glass-like aesthetic lent actors the polished look they were after, and it fit in well with the smooth, porcelain skin accredited to Factor's film makeup.

The first commercially available lip gloss was called X-Rated, and it was a hit when it launched in stores in 1932.

Lip gloss has come a long way since the 1930's, and BeautiControl has revolutionized the Lip Gloss category with a new longer wearing, high lustre formula that contains anti-aging benefits and ultra-moisturizing benefits in a formula that tastes great and is never sticky on the lips.

Whether you like subtle, natural color or colorful bright shades that are all the rage this season, BeautiControl has the right shade for you.  BC Color Moisturizing Lip Gloss is available in 15 beautiful shades.

As your BeautiControl Consultant, with the help of our exclusive eBeauti online color and personality diagnostic tool I will help you not only find the right lip gloss shade, but put together a full set of color cosmetics customized by your color season and fashion personality.

Contact me today and check out the latest in color cosmetics and technologically advanced skin care treatments.

Info passed on from Gary Jones, VP Marketing and Research and Development @ BeautiControl.

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