Thursday, December 20, 2012

Boehner Needs to Hear from We The People!

John Boehner and the ruling class Republicans are up to no good.  They are playing a dangerous game with the future of this great country and I've had it with them.  With less than a week before Christmas, we shouldn't have to be worried about what destructive politicians are planning for We the People.  

It's time to contact John Boehner and the rest of the Republicans in the House of Representatives and tell them to quit playing "Make A Deal" with King Barry I and go home.  The ruling class politicians have created this fiscal mess by their crack-addicted, unconstitutional spending and expansion of government.  Now they want to do further damage and John Boehner is being an accessory.  

Here is the letter that I am faxing to each of the Republicans on this list from  

"Dear Representative; 
Do you believe in the Constitution or not?  Do you believe in Capitalism or not?  I’m beginning to believe the horrible theory that you do not.  You say you do, but your actions say otherwise.
Do you really believe that our fiscal problem is the fault of too high of taxes?  Are you really that mathematically challenged?  When has increasing taxes on anyone ever resulted in more “revenue” to the treasury?  When are you politicians in D.C. going to quit your crack addicted spending habits that are being funded by taxpayers’ children and grandchildren?  We can’t afford you anymore.   
I am tired of your excuses.  The American people elected Republicans ~and gave you the majority in the House~ because we expected you to STOP the reckless, out of control spending of the Democrats and reign in the rapid expansion of government.  You aren’t reigning anything in.  You are enabling the President and the Democrats.  It is for this reason that I no longer think that you believe in the Constitution and a limited federal government.  Why can’t you defend it?   
You are participating in the further loss of Liberty by going along with the confiscation of MY private property ~my income~ by your agreement to higher taxes.  You are conceding that tax cuts don’t work and participating in the class warfare that the Democrats have poisoned the takers in this country with. 
Where is your backbone?  Where are your principles?  You don’t see Obama backing down from his ideology.  You don’t see Harry Reid or Pelosi or any of the other Democrats backing down on their ideology no matter how many times they get beat.  Where is the budget from Harry Reid?  He doesn’t care that he’s violating the Constitution.  Apparently you don’t either.
The reason I am a Republican is because it means something.  It means Constitutional, limited government.  It means defending Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness.  By your actions, you are making that null and void.   
Our Founding Fathers risked everything to birth this great nation; what are you willing to risk to secure it for our kids and grandkids? 
Quit this game of chicken or poker or whatever you think this is.  My children and grandchildren’s lives and Liberty are at stake.  Make Obama and the Democrats own higher taxes like they own Obamacare.  Don’t vote for any “deal” that includes tax hikes on anyone.  Just go home and enjoy Christmas with your family. 
We the People are watching!

I close with this quote from John Adams:

“Posterity! You will never know how much it costs the present generation to preserve your freedom! I hope you will make good use of it. If you do not, I shall repent in heaven that I ever took pains to preserve it.”

The Founding Fathers risked everything to secure this great nation for us; what are we willing to risk to secure it for our children and grandchildren?  I hope you can spare some time from your Christmas preparations to let John Boehner and the Republicans know that this "deal" is unacceptable to We the People.

Merry Christmas!

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