Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Which Class are You?

“Among a large class, there seemed to be a dependence upon the government for every conceivable thing. The members of this class had little ambition to create a position for themselves, but wanted the federal officials to create one for them. How many times I wished then and have often wished since, that by some power of magic, I might remove the great bulk of these people into the country districts and plant them upon the soil – upon the solid and never deceptive foundation of Mother Nature, where all nations and races that have ever succeeded have gotten their start – a start that at first may be slow and toilsome, but one that nevertheless is real.”
― Booker T. Washington, Up from Slavery

We are currently fighting the same battle that Mr. Washington was referencing.  We have a choice to make.  Are we a country that believes in Liberty and personal responsibility?  Or a Country that believes that government is the answer to every problem.  My friend, Charlotte Bergmann is an individual that believes in Liberty.  Her personal story is one of courage in overcoming obstacles such as homelessness and the racial vitriol of those here in Memphis that make their living off of racial division.  See video.  She is currently running to become the Republican nominee that will face off against Congressman Cohen.  Cohen is exactly the kind of politician that creates the kind of people that Mr. Washington is referencing.  The only hope that Memphis ~and the country~ has to Repeal and Replace Cohen is with Charlotte Bergmann.  She needs your help in getting across the finish line.  Early voting has started here in Shelby Country.  Please get out and vote for her. 

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