Monday, July 9, 2012

George Flinn's Tennessee Waltz?

The following Letter is in response to a Memphian discovering that George Flinn was the individual that gave Memphis radio host Thaddeus Matthews his start.  According to this quote from Dr. Flinn in The Memphis Flyer, it sounds like he approves of Mr. Matthews.
"Thaddeus' program is his program," says Flinn. "We don't give him topics and people to discuss. He pays the same that everyone else pays. The price is standard. I wish I had had him on the air during my campaign. I think he would have gotten me a few more votes. He's really got his finger on the pulse of the community."

This is an example of Mr. Matthews "work" on the radio.

Here is the letter from Eleanor Redmond;
A person doesn’t become a hero by burying his head in the sand. Charlotte Bergmann is running for 9th District federal representative and she sticks her head up and takes the shots with grace. She became a national heroine last January by withstanding an outrageous verbal onslaught by Thaddeus Matthews.
While Matthews dragged the sewers for the most degrading language he could find Bergmann held her head high, smiled and refused to fall for his baiting. Desperate, Matthews fell back on the lazy man’s attack: You are not a “real” black woman. It seems that in order to qualify as a black woman Charlotte has to think what Thaddeus thinks. She’s not real unless he can put words in her mouth.
But what came as a shock to Charlotte was finding out that her opponent, George Flinn, was connected to Thaddeus Matthews’ ability to hang that predictable racist window dressing. Matthews' "Express Yourself" program was introduced to the Memphis airwaves by Dr. Flinn's WTCK AM station.
Even after Flinn bowed to public pressure to shut down Matthews, he still supports the agitator. Although both deny rumors that George was financing the program to further his political ambitions, the Memphis Flyer quotes Flinn as saying, "I wish I had had him on the air during my campaign. I think he would have gotten me a few more votes.”
Flinn believes “He's [Matthews has] really got his finger on the pulse of the community." Matthews’ repossession business puts his finger on more than the pulse of this community. But he had the nerve to ask Charlotte what she had ever done for the community!
 I thought he had switched to comedy since Charlotte has been working tirelessly to get government out of the business of stopping OUR businesses for many years.
Matthews and Flinn are prime examples of what is wrong with Memphis politics. They are one of the reasons some people don’t care to vote. We can’t trust the game here until we get honest candidates and put them in office. We have peeled off several layers of corruption but we have a long way to go. Charlotte Bergmann is a chance to make a good beginning. You can tell by the people who attack her. She is blessed in that she doesn’t have to attack anyone…just publish their own words and they indict themselves!
Don’t let Tennessee Waltz be “our song” in Memphis!
What do you think Memphis?  Is George Flinn really the man you want to go up against Steve Cohen in November?

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