Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Ice-T on Gun Control

I love this!  The purpose of the 2nd amendment is not hunting or protection from "common" criminals.  The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is protection from a tyrannical government. 

How ironic that he was being interviewed by a person whose government was the reason for the 2nd Amendment.  I'm frankly tired of the being lectured to by Brits who have come to this country to make money from these "stupid Yanks". Martin Bashir, Piers Morgan and Sharon Osboune can take their "superiority" back to the UK.


  1. 99.9% of people in the UK hate Piers Morgan.
    What do you have against Martin Bashir?
    Shoron Osbourne?! Seriously?!!

    The more guns knocking about the more people get shot. It's not rocket science. Wyatt Earp used to confiscate guns, smart bloke.

    Guns don't kill people, bullets do.

    1. Apparently Anonymous isn't informed on the worldviews and political leanings of Bashir and Osbourne. They routinely look down their "enlightened" noses at us "stupid Yanks" who kicked their azzes in the past. They want to live off the abundance of our Free Market system while trying to mold us into their failed system of government. No Thank You!

      As far as your ignorance on the subject of guns and the 2nd Amendment, I'm glad that you are in the minority. Look at Chicago; virtually a gun free zone; yet how many homicides have they had this year? 346 as of August 21, 2012. Oh yeah, all those homicides are with legal gun owners.

    2. Chicago saw 19 people shot in 24 hour period.

      Gun control really works, doesn't it, Anonymous? Take the guns from law-abiding citizens and the only people with them are the criminals.