Monday, July 30, 2012

Thank You Commercial Appeal

It’s no secret which way the editorial board at the Commercial Appeal leans; so is it any wonder that they are wanting George Flinn as the Republican to run against Steve Cohen in November?  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out.  Their goal is to re-elect both Cohen and Obama.  They know that Flinn cannot beat Cohen.  What’s funny though, is that they unwittingly gave Charlotte Bergmann a compliment.  They called her a scrapper.   The definition of a a scrapper: “Someone who looks small but is really wired and can kick some major ass even though he doesn't look like it.”  That describes Charlotte Bergmann to a T.  She has already proven her grit and determination in the face of opposition and bullying.  Her “interview” with Thaddeus Matthew in January is a great example.  While he was hurling insults and names at her, she graciously listened to his onslaught; but upon leaving, she took action.  Because of this incident, Matthews is off the airwaves in Memphis.  By the way, we can thank Flinn for Thaddeus Matthews ~see here for connection and comments about Matthews by Flinn~.   Flinn also claims that he will fight for jobs; yet recently several radio hosts at one of his radio stations ~WMPS-The Point~ lost their jobs due to “reformatting”.  The hosts that lost their jobs were gaining in popularity, so why would be replaced?  Makes one go hmmmmmmmmmm.  

Flinn couldn’t beat Fincher in the Republican Primary in 2010; he couldn’t beat Wharton for Shelby County Mayor in 2002 ~he lost 62% to 37%~; what makes him think that he can beat Cohen in 2012? 

Charlotte Bergmann is the only Republican that can beat Cohen in November and both the CA and Cohen know it.  As a “scrapper” she will fight to bring Liberty and Reconciliation to Memphis, which in turn will bring Prosperity to Memphis.  Liberals like Cohen ~and the CA~  know that if Charlotte wins, the Democratic Party’s stronghold over the upwardly mobile, freedom loving voters in the NEW 9th District is cooked.  As we head into the heart of perhaps one of the most important – but racially and economically polarized election cycles of our lifetime – we need to continue our success in carrying the message of freedom.  Charlotte is the only one that can do that.  She needs your help though.  First, she needs you to vote for her on August 2, 2012 in the Republican Primary.  Here is a sample ballot for the Primary.  Second, she needs you to tell your family and friends about her and encourage them to vote for Charlotte. Third, she needs your help financially.  It costs money to get the word out about Charlotte, and she would appreciate any donation that you can give her.  You can donate here.  If you live in a safe Republican district, donating to her campaign is something you can do to help get Charlotte Bergmann to D.C.  

How will you help bring sanity and Constitutional government back to D.C.?

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