Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Tupperware Birthday Savings!

Tupperware is celebrating their 64th Birthday and we get the presents! As much Tupperware as I have in my kitchen, ~you can never have too much Tupperware~ there are some items that I'm scooping up. My favorite is the Vent'N Serve Medium Containers Set. It contains my favorite size, the 4 1/2 cup. Here's a video that shows all the uses for the Vent'N Serve.

They go from freezer to microwave to table to dishwasher. Save 35%.

Just go to: Tupperware: Shop Product Gallery: More Savings thru April 13.

Also on sale is the Fix-N-Mix Bowl. From popcorn to prep; from fruit salads to mixing up rolls; this is another Tupperware favorite.

Another Must Have from Tupperware is the Quick Shake Container.
It's a classic for making instant puddings, dressings and marinades. I have two in my kitchen and I'm going to order at least one more. Currently, I have one in my fridge with homemade Italian Dressing. I also use it for blending eggs, oil and water when I'm making brownies, cakes or pancakes. The Quick Shake Container is also great for scrambled eggs.

Another great Birthday Sale item is the Super Cereal Storer. I buy our cereal at Costco and then put in my Super Cereal Storers. They keep the cereal fresh and bug-free. They also keep your cabinets organized.

There are other great Big Birthday Savings from Tupperware, but you have to act fast. These items are only on sale thru April 13, 2012. And remember Tupperware's LifeTime Guarantee. Happy Birthday!

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