Monday, April 23, 2012

BO/BS Magic is Gone

The magic is gone. Nothing shows the truth of this more than the following clip from "Morning Joe"

If Mika Brzezinski is laughing hysterically over BO/BS eating dog, ~if you listen carefully, you'll hear that she admits to eating dog while in China~ then you know that the BO/BS magic of 2008 is gone.

Some fun tweets from Twitchy about BO/BS eating dog.
Seamus cried, Obama's dog got fried.
So, to sum up today's canine news: Romney rides with a dog on the roof of his car, Ted Nugent hunts with one, Obama eats them.
It's an Obama-eat-dog world out there

Here's also some of my favorites from #ObamaDogRecipes:
Chihuahua Chimichanga. #ObamaDogRecipes
Spaniel Bolognese. #ObamaDogRecipes
Mango Lassie #ObamaDogRecipes
German Shephard's Pie #ObamaDogRecipes
Chicken Poodle Soup. #ObamaDogRecipes
Chinese Chow Chow Mein #Obamadogrecipes
Bichon Fricassee #ObamaDogRecipes
Shovel Ready Snoopy #ObamaDogRecipes
#ObamaDogRecipes BHO's new cook book title: "Recipes from my Father"
Pugs in a Blanket #ObamaDogRecipes
I don't care that Pres. Obama ate dog as child. I care that he's creating an economy that may force me to. #Obamadogrecipes

This gives me great hope for November. We the People are awake and going on the offensive. We the People are using Alinksy's tactics on the left and they can't handle it.

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