Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Wanted: George for Debate

Perennial Candidate George Flinn has stated that he wants to be TN-9's Congressman, but so far, we haven't seen him. I guess he's counting on his $$ to get him elected. It didn't work when he ran in TN-8 in 2010; $3.7 Million to only get 24% of the vote in the Republican Primary. Ms. Bergmann spent less than $20,000 in TN-9 ~a Democrat district no less~ and received 61% of the primary vote.

Is Dr. Flinn afraid that the courage and conviction that Ms. Bergmann demonstrated in her interview with Thaddeus Matthews will be shown to be in sharp contrast with his own lack of connection and passion for the voters of TN-9? Is he perhaps intimidated by Ms. Bergmann’s personal story of how her hard work and faith enabled her to triumph over the odds of being single mom and being homeless at one point? Does he realize that Charlotte Bermann’s message of Liberty and Reconciliation that will bring Prosperity to ALL the citizens of Memphis is much more believable from her than him? Does he even realize that Reconciliation is something that Memphians would benefit from?

Charlotte Bergmann is the only candidate that can bring Liberty and Reconciliation that will result in Prosperity to all Memphians.

Here's excerpts from Charlotte Bergmann's interview with Thadeus Matthews.

Here's where Dr. Flinn didn't show up to debate with Charlotte Bergmann.

Which one do you think will have the best chance at defeating CongressCritter Cohen in November?

Help Charlotte Bergmann get her message of Liberty, Prosperity and Reconciliation to Memphians by donating to her campaign at

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