Sunday, July 17, 2011

Steve Cohen; Can't Handle Questions

Last week I took the plunge and started tweeting. ~You can follow me as tnwahm.~ I started following Congress Critter Steve Cohen from Memphis. I tweeted him a couple of questions. Last week in his newsletter, he bragged about voting to cut $66 Billion from Federal spending while advocating that to cut the deficit we should cut defense spending. He also talks about how new voter ID laws in TN and other states will suppress voters.

First my comment on his FB page:
"How big of you to vote to reduce the deficit by $66 Billion when you have INCREASED it over $4.8 Trillion since you've been in D.C. You could eliminate the Defense Budget and still only reduce the deficit by 1/3.

"How is having to show ID to vote stripping anyone of their constitutional right to vote? Your voters can keep track of the EBT cards, why not a photo ID?"

Since he never answered, I tweeted him these:
  • "@RepCohen Bravo, U voted to reduce deficit by $66B after increasing it by $4.8T. U R so fiscally responsible."
  • "@RepCohen How is showing ID suppressing vote? YR voters keep track of EBT Y not proof of citizenship?"
  • "@RepCohen Yr voters show ID to cash checks; how is showing ID to vote a hardship? Worried Yr Fraud will be found out?"

    I went to add CongressCritter Cohen to a list on Twitter and found that I was no longer following him and couldn't add him again. I got a message saying that my account may not be able to perform this action. He has blocked me. I challenge him on his views and instead of answering and trying to persuade me, he blocks me, a constituent. I have met Congressman Cohen and he is arrogant, but this is both sad and funny.

    It is indicative of many in D.C. ~most of whom are DemonRats~ they know better than us "common folk" who make this country work. Well, the 2010 elections have started draining the swamp in D.C and next November, there will be an even bigger draining of the swamp. Elite CongressCritters like Steve Cohen will need to find a real job.

    I can see November from my house.
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    1. I am saddened by the fact this congressional crapweasel probably looks better with the hat on than off. Will he use this hat to hide his 'bald-faced' lies? Alas....he is not only two-faced, he is also two-cheeked.

      Ad rem...