Thursday, July 14, 2011

Economic Terrorism by BO/BS

This week BO/BS used CBS to deliver a threat to the Republicans. He told CBS in an interview that he couldn't guarantee that Social Security checks or military checks would go out without a deal to borrow more money by August 3, 2011. Not only is it BS and fear mongering, it is also a complete lie.

First, the truth is that Fed revenues for this year will be $2.17 Trillion and interest payments are $205 Billion. Now I'm not a Harvard Law grad, but I know that leaves $1.9 Trillion for Congress to spend. Social Security is $741 Billion with Medicare @ $488 Billion. Again, not a Harvard Law grad, but that = $1.2 Trillion which unless you went to MCS, is less than $1.9 Trillion. If the Treasury Dept chooses to pay the EPA, HHS, Treasury, Energy, Interior and Education instead of Social Security, then place blame where it rightly belongs on BO/BS. Also remember, that it's the Hellcare Bill that cuts $500 Billion from Medicare.

These facts underscore the reality, that the federal government is tooo big. The DemonRats have added over $5 Trillion to the National Debt in 3 years. Their only plan is to scare the elderly so they can stay in power. Again, Economic Terrorism.

Paul Ryan and the Republicans have a plan to save Social Security and Medicare w/o affecting the current recipients. But what is the DemonRats plan? They have none. They haven't even proposed a budget in 2 years. I am in my 40's. I am under no illusions that all the money that I've paid into Social Security will be there when I retire.

Here's a video where the Social Security chief actuary confirms that if Social Security checks are withheld on August 3, 2011 as BO/BS is threatening, the decision would be made by the Treasury Dept i.e. BO/BS.

It's the same old playbook from the DemonRats. Call their bluff. We, the American People, are awake and watching. We can't afford the out of control spending of the DemonRats. They must be stopped. Hold fast Speaker Boehner, Mr. Cantor and the rest of the elected Republicans in D.C. We'll be sending reinforcements next year.

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