Saturday, December 18, 2010

Let the Competition Begin!

I am a huge Sarah Palin fan. I love what she stands for. I love her record as governor of Alaska where she went toe-to-toe with Big Oil and won. I love how she cut spending even when Alaska was doing well. She returned the taxpayers money instead of spending it. ~What a novel idea!~ I love how she took on the Republican ~crooked~ establishment and cleaned Juneau up. I love how she sends the leftists into fits with a word on her hand. I think she will be a wonderful President and I hope to work on her campaign.

I'm also a Free Market Capitalist and believe that competition is good. Competition brings out the best in business and in life. These days, I'm learning more about Herman Cain. So far, from what I've read and listened to, I could get behind him for President.

Wouldn't it be awesome to have a debate with Cain, Palin and maybe someone like Pence or DeMint? They would rip apart someone like Romney or some other candidate that the LSM would want to run.

I say Let the Competition Begin!

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