Wednesday, December 29, 2010

I turned my Bathroom into a spa last night.

Last night, NCIS LA wasn't on and I didn't want to watch football, so I took the time to pamper myself. I lit a candle in my bathroom and started with cleansing my face and then restored my ph balance with toner. I then applied BC spa Multi-Acid Resurfacing Peel. While that was working, I applied Lip Apeel to my dry lips and BC spa Pedicure Foot Spray and put on my spa socks.

After leaving the Chemical Peel on my face for 20 minutes, I then set my timer for 3 minutes and used BC spa Resurface Microderm Abrasion. I removed my Lip Apeel while rinsing my face after the Microderm Abrasion. I then re-rinsed my face with tonic and applied Cell Block-C PM to protect the new skin that the Microderm Abrasion revealed and also for an intensive moisturizer. I also applied Lip Balm ~which is the 2nd step of Lip Apeel~ and applied BC spa Pedicure Instant Pedicure Scrub and Cooling Foot Salve. My feet felt soooo soft. I then put on a fresh pair of spa socks to sleep in.

I then cuddled up in front of the fire and watched "Last of the Summer Wine" on PBS. My face felt wonderful this morning. I didn't have to take the time or money to go to a spa. I turned my Bathroom into a spa on when I had time. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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