Monday, December 20, 2010

Breitbart has Done It Again!

I love Andrew Breitbart. He is truly a modern day Patriot. Remember the ACORN Stings? Remember Shirley Sherrod and the USDA. The lightening rate that the administration fired her made Breitbart curious. Isn't that what the media is supposed to be? Curious? Well, he started digging and what he has found is known as Pigford. A story of true discrimination by the USDA of some black farmers that has been turned into reparations that many of the race hustlers in the black community have been dreaming of for over 40 years.

Breitbart has teamed up with an unlikely partner from HuffPo named Lee Stranahan to do video documentary of Pigford. He's been traveling around the South and this clip is from an interview in AR where one of the Pigford lawyers admits to the fraud that has been committed against the American taxpayer thru Pigford.

Here's the beginning of the story and how and why Breitbart started digging. The story traces all the way back to the primaries and presidential race of 2008 and BO. It needs to be investigated and pronto. My dh's family farmed in AR and we lived in a small farming community for several years. Believe me when I say that there is still racism there. Those black farmers that were discriminated against deserve justice, but that's not what's happening with Pigford. As usual, the Demonrats have turned this into a payoff and bribe for them to stay in power.

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