Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Your Kids' New Classmates . . .

Schools here in Memphis get started next week, August 4th.  There will be lots of changes.  After Memphis City Schools surrendered their charter in 2010 to force consolidation with the Shelby County Schools, the subject of education has been a sore spot here in Memphis.  There has been a lot of angst, confusion and name-calling going on.  The parents of the municipalities didn't take kindly to a forced takeover by the failed MCS, so they responded by creating school districts of their own.  Next week will be the kickoff for the new schools.  I wish them well.  The parents in the municipalities showed what can happen when citizens get involved with self-governance.  Kudos to them.

So all will be hunky dory right?  Not so fast.  The municipal schools will still be dealing with Common Core, but that is a subject for another post.  No, what I am referring to are all of the illegal "unaccompanied" minors that will be joining our kids in school.

From The Daily Caller:  ~h/t Education News~
American kids and teenagers will be sharing their already-crowded classrooms with tens of thousands of ill-educated Central American migrants this fall, because President Obama is distributing perhaps 100,000 Central American migrants across the country.

The arrival of the American students’ new classmates was highlighted July 25 when Obama’s agencies announced he had already distributed 30,340 foreign youths and children by July 7.

Virginia received 2,234 foreign students and Maryland got 2,205, according to the announcement from the Department of Health and Human Services. Texas got 4,280 foreign students, North Carolina got 1,191, and New Jersey got 1,504, said the government statement.  ~My note: Tennessee got 760~
 Those numbers may double by October, however.
More than 50,000 Central American children and youths have crossed the border since October with the aid of smugglers, usually working under a contract with their parents. More that 90 percent say they are teenagers, and more than 95 percent are being released by Obama to their U.S.-based parents or relatives, many of whom are illegal immigrants.

Another 50,000 Central Americans have crossed in so-called “family units,” of at least one parent and child. A few of those are being repatriated, some are being held in government facilities, but many have been bussed or flown to cities where they want to live, despite widespread protests from worried Americans.

More migrants are expected to cross before winter sets in, and next’s year’s inflow is expected to be much larger than this year’s flood, unless the federal government sharply changes its immigration enforcement policies.

Roughly 30,000 Central Americans children and youths arrived from 2012 to September 2013. Most of them are enrolled in U.S. schools, including some who are believed to be over 18.

Not only are these kids not literate in English ~how can they be expected to be?~ they aren't even literate in Spanish.

Another concern that we as parents should have is all the infectious diseases that these kids are bringing with them.  There's tuberculosis, scabies, chicken pox, pneumonia, H1N1 just to name some of them.  I have a daughter whose immune system is compromised because she is on anti-rejection drugs for her transplant.

Chicken pox is the least of my worries as a parent.  Without getting into the whole vaccine debate, ~even if vaccines are as effective as claimed~ it is a fact that vaccines don't give 100% protection.  Here is the link for the vaccines that are required by Shelby County Schools for school registration?   Vaccines for TB, scabies and H1N1 are not on the list.

How about all the MS-13 gang members that are coming across?  Did you know that the vast majority ~84%~ of these "children" are teens?

Even if you believe that the compassionate thing to do is educate these youth, what is it going to do to our schools already stretched budgets?

From  the Boston Herald:
“We certainly don’t want to communicate that our city is not a welcoming place, especially for young children, but we have to be concerned about our finances and our ability to serve all of our citizens,” said New Bedford Mayor Jon Mitchell. “If the point comes where we feel as though our resources are getting too strained, we’re going to look to the state and federal government for assistance because that is only fair.”

With our own school, municipal and personal budgets tight, is it really "fair" to our kids to take resources from them to give to illegal entrants?  Schools have security systems to keep out threats to our children.  Now we are being forced to "welcome" them in?

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