Monday, October 1, 2012

Free Stuff: 2012

I love it when liberals say they don't want to get into a "heated discussion" but just want to know if Romney really cares about poor people.  That is just a "polite" way of saying that they don't want to be challenged on their opinions but just want to state them.  As Constitutionalists, we need to challenge them.  These are people that are in the 47% that Romney was talking about in the "secret" video.  Watch it and honestly evaluate the statements that he made. 

Nowhere does he say that he doesn't care about the 47% that don't pay taxes.  What he spoke was truth.  47% of Americans don't pay Federal Income taxes.  According to polls, 43 - 47% of Americans have already made up their minds that they will vote for King Barry I, no matter what.  I frankly don't care if Romney "cares" about me. What I care about is the economic destruction that is currently being perpetrated upon us by the policies of King Barry I and his Court of Jesters. What we need to be focused on is results, not words.  

I also love it when liberals try to spin  Bush's actual record and try to tell us that America was worse under the policies of George W. Bush and that no one, not even their messiah ~King Barry I~ could reverse those economic hardships created by the "failed" policies of President Bush. 

Let's look at the facts, shall we?

The highest unemployment rate under Bush was lower than any under BO/BS. Remember what precipitated the higher unemployment rates ~all the way up to a whopping 6.3%~ under Bush? 9/11. What spurred the economic growth and recovery after 9/11? The Bush tax cuts which will expire at the end of this year. Add in the additional taxes for Hellcare and we are looking at Taxmaggedon. There are more Americans unemployed now than when King Barry I was immaculated in January 2009. 

Let's talk debt: During the Bush administration $3.5 Trillion was added to the debt; break that down in time and who controlled Congress and you find that under Bush/Republican Congress; $1.7 Trillion was added to the National Debt and $1.8 Trillion was added during Bush/DemonRat Congress. That's right; more was added to the National debt during 2 years of DemonRat Congress than 6 years under Republican Congresses. Also, don't forget that both BO/BS and Biden were in Congress during those 2 years of record spending. Now let's compare that with what BO/BS and the DemonRats have done in 3 years. Mind you, there hasn't been a budget since the last year of President Bush. BO/BS has added $1.4 T; $1.3T; and $1.3 T with a projected deficit of $1.3 for 2012.

Romney/Ryan's plan for economic growth and strength is the same plan that has been proven again and again over time to work. The record of King Barry I's plan is one of failure. Reagan inherited a worse economy than King Barry I and instead of whining about, he set policies in place that reversed it. You want to talk about sustained economic growth? Look at the facts.

The election in November is a stark choice between Free Markets and Capitalism ~those that make this country work~ and Utopianism ~the elitists and the victims~. It was Capitalism and Liberty that built this country into the greatest country in the world. It is Utopianism that have brought down the countries in Europe like Greece and Spain; Cuba and Russia. It's your choice. Which will you choose?  Will you choose FREE STUFF like the King Barry I worshiper with her Obamaphone?  Or will you choose Liberty and economic growth?

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