Monday, November 7, 2011

Take That LSM!

The Left Stream Media tried to take out Herman Cain last week. BO/BS ~the man-child~ that they installed in 2008 can't run on his record for 2012 so they have to turn to their strategy of destroy their opposition by smears and lies. That's how BO/BS has "won" every election he's been in. Starting in 1996 when he ran for IL State Senate to 2004 when thru the Chicago media, he had GOP opponent Jack Ryan's divorce records unsealed to the fraud that he used not only in the 2008 primaries against HRC, but also in the general against McCain/Palin.

Not only did they fail to take out Herman Cain, but he has risen in the polls and has had record breaking fundraising. This "Pizza Man" is an example of the American Dream. He terrifies the left because like other black conservatives, his life is an example of how thru hard-work and education, anyone can achieve success; even without the DemonRat party.

It's going to be a bumpy ride until 2012 and beyond, but this country is worth it.

To help Herman Cain defeat the Left Stream Media, Donate Here. to his Victory Iowa Fund.

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