Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Rest of the Marcus Story

Here is Rick Perry's Thanksgiving ad thanking our military.

The rest of the story comes from a cyber-friend TXMom at TheConservativeTreehouse
“Whenever a Texas soldier is killed/wounded in Iraq/Afghanistan, Governor Perry calls them on his own cell phone, and offers his condolences…then tells them to call him – on his own cell phone – if they need anything.
Are you familiar with Marcus Luttrell from “Lone Survivor” fame?
Well, Marcus was having a really tough time after he returned from Afghanistan. A trauma like that would make anyone a little off center.
So Rick and Anita took Marcus in. They gave him things to do and made sure he got to San Antonio for all his medical visits.
Rick, having also been in the military, had long talks to the wee hours with Marcus about the aftershock of Marcus losing all his team members.
After Marcus moved back home, some thug teenagers killed his dog, the rehabilitation dog (DASY…an acronym of the guys he served with/lost during the mission) Marcus was given at Walter Reed.
What happened then can be found on the internet. Basically, some crazies shot his dog and Marcus chased them through several counties until the Marshals arrested them.
What is not reported is that Marcus called Rick on his cell phone and told Rick that punks had killed his dog.
Rick sent the Texas Rangers to intercept the thugs. They are now in jail.
When Rick Perry tells you he’s a friend and will always be there for you, he means it.
Up to now, Rick and Anita have taken in even more Navy Seals who have had traumatic experiences, trying to help them like they did Marcus. To me, that says a LOT about the measure of a man.”

Rick Perry may not be the best debater, but I will be happy to vote for him over BO/BS any day of the week ~or next year.~ I also don't agree with him on everything, but again, he's got a better track record as governor of Texas than the DemonRats record.

2012 can't come fast enough.

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  1. Thanks for this story -- for some inexplicable reason the lamestream media neglected to report it. It really gives some insight into the man's character. Can't imagine Barry and Michelle doing something like that.

    As for Rick's debating skills, or lack of same: we're not electing a debater-in-chief. I hate the way these stupid so-called "debates" are distorting the process and distracting people from what really matters.