Thursday, October 27, 2011

Surprise, Surprise; Steve Cohen Supports Spending More of Our Money

True to form, CongressCritter Steve Cohen is backing BO/BS in not only spend more of the taxpayer’s money, but also his end-run around Congress.

"In an interview with Hotsheet, Rep. Steve Cohen, D-Tenn., lauded Mr. Obama for his plan and said the president was "right to give these students a way to pay these loans off quicker."

"These loans can be phenomenally expensive," he said, and argued that borrowers who get buried in debt "never get their foot out of the bucket."

"That's not a fair way to get started," he said.

First of all, why should taxpayers ~that’s you and me~ subsidize anyone that willingly takes on debt; which includes students? Why should I as a taxpayer have to bail out someone else’s poor financial decisions? What’s next; are we going to pay off these kid’s credit cards too?

Why aren’t we hearing about why college costs are so high? I submit that the main reason that college costs have risen so high is because Government has gotten into paying for it. It’s like Congress; when you are spending other people’s money, you don’t care how much it costs. Mr. Cohen is responsible for adding $4.463 to the Federal Debt since he went to D.C. Yes, that’s right. President Bush and the Republicans added $1.675 Trillion to the National Debt in 6 years and the DemonRats have added $4.463 in only 4 yrs. with no end in sight. The Senate has not passed a budget in over 900 days. They are required by the Constitution to pass a budget, yet this is another issue where the DemonRats have thumbed their noses at the Constitution.

This also highlights the broader issue of BO/BS acting more and more like a dictator. He can’t even get DemonRats in the Senate to support his latest spending plan, so he goes around Congress? Where is his Constitutional authority to do this?

2012 can’t come fast enough. We need to elect Constitutional Representatives to all levels of government; starting with local here in Memphis, at the state level, for Congress and the White House. There is an alternative to Steve Cohen; Charlotte Bergmann. Charlotte Bergmann is a Conservative both fiscal and social. Charlotte Bergmann knows the value of a dollar. She knows how economics works. She understands that what has made this country great is Constitutional limited government and individual Liberty and Free Market Capitalism. She is a real life example of that the American dream is possible, even in Memphis. Steve Cohen does not know how the private sector works. He’s been on the taxpayer dole his whole adult life. It’s time to him to retire from “public” service.

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