Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Thank You Steve Cohen!

The Federal government set a new record in February 2011. It had the largest monthly deficit in history; $223 Billion. See here. While liberals/Demonrats whine about the Republican spending during the Bush years, ~especially about the Iraq war~ the deficit for the whole year of 2007 was $161 Billion. WSJ article here.

Notice that 2007 was the last budget by both a Republican Congress and Republican President. Since Demonrats took control of Congress, ~which holds the purse strings of the government~ they have tripled the Federal Deficit. Republicans in Congress are trying to cut $100B out of the Federal budget and are running into opposition from Deficit Demonrats. Is it any wonder, when they hold the record for spending?

While the Republicans are fighting to cut the Federal budget by $100B, that is just a drop in the bucket compared to what must be cut. At the very least, we need to get back to 2006 levels. What needs to be done is to get back to Constitutional levels, which would be the elimination of many whole depts of the federal budget, the alphabet depts/programs. We could eliminate the whole defense budget ~which is the main job of the federal government~ and still only cut the current deficit by 1/3. That is unbelievable to me and unacceptable.

How did America come from a poor 3rd world country in 1787 to become one of the richest by 1920? It wasn’t because of the Dept of Labor, Energy or Education. The great cities of New York, Philadelphia, Chicago and Detroit weren’t the result of HUD. From 1787-1920, the federal budget never exceeded 3% of the GDP except during times of war. Today, the federal budget is 25% of GDP.

Mr. Cohen was first elected to Congress in 2006. As a Pelosi lapdog, he is part of this history making fiscal fiasco. I wonder if this is an accomplishment that he’s proud of?

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