Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Broader Battle over Planned Parenthood

The battle to defund Planned Parenthood should not only focus on whether taxpayers should be funding abortion, but also on the broader question of whether taxpayers should fund any healthcare. Rep. Mike Pence has been a front-line warrior for the unborn in this fight. He authored an amendment which passed the House to defund PP; however, I don’t believe it goes far enough.

From National Review Online
“Planned Parenthood clinics focus mainly on abortion — and because money is fungible, there is no way to fund the useful services without freeing up money for the organization to spend on abortion. In 2009, the group made only 977 adoption referrals and cared for only 7,021 prenatal clients, but performed a record 332,278 abortions. In other words, a pregnant woman entering a Planned Parenthood clinic was 42 times more likely to have an abortion than to either receive prenatal care or be referred for adoption. Planned Parenthood recently made plain the centrality of abortion to its mission by mandating that every one of its affiliates have at least one clinic that performs abortions within the next two years.”

In other words, a baby being carried into PP by its mother is 42 times more likely to be murdered than to be given care.

"And for all the talk about how poor women would be harmed if taxpayers stopped subsidizing Big Abortion, it is telling to see how Planned Parenthood is spending its money. According to a June 2008 story in the Wall Street Journal, Planned Parenthood was flush with cash and using its profits to rebrand itself. The effort was designed to build the business by targeting wealthy consumers to complement their existing customer base of poor and minority populations. While taxpayers underwrite its operations, Planned Parenthood is building luxury health centers in shopping centers and malls, designed by marketing experts with touches such as hardwood floors, muted lighting, and large waiting rooms."

“Despite efforts to suggest otherwise, the Pence Amendment does not reduce funding for cancer screenings or eliminate one dime of funding for other important health services to women; the money that does not go to Planned Parenthood as a result of the Pence Amendment will go to other organizations that provide these services. If the Pence Amendment becomes law, thousands of women’s health centers, clinics, and hospitals will still provide assistance to low-income families and women. The Pence Amendment would simply deny any and all federal funding to Planned Parenthood.”

While I appreciate Mr. Pence’s effort to cut Federal funding of PP, it doesn’t cut overall spending. I’m not real happy about that. Yes, I want to defund PP and the abortion industry, but I also don’t think we should be funding ANY healthcare for ANYONE. Get the government out of Unconstitutional spending. We need to cut entire depts from the Fed government. It’s not the Federal government’s ~taxpayers~ job to subsidize or provide healthcare for anyone. God instructed His people, not the government, to care for the poor; widows and orphans. It’s not that I don’t think that the truly poor don’t need help, I just don’t believe it’s the taxpayer’s responsibility. Right here in Memphis is an example of this; Christ Community Health Centers. There are better ways to provide help for the poor.

As Walter E. Williams stated so eloquently; “I believe in helping my fellow man. Reaching into your own pocket to help your fellow man is praiseworthy and laudable; reaching into somebody else’s pocket to help your fellow man is despicable and worthy of condemnation.”

If the Republicans can’t defund PP, then how will they be able to defund anything else and get the Fed budget under control.

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