Thursday, January 20, 2011

Having fun with Steve Cohen!

I’m having waaay too much fun on Steve Cohen’s Facebook page. Some of “his” supporters are such intellectuals and so very clever. Here are some examples:

Supporter #1: "If Republicans really believed this health care bill isn't going to reduce cost to all of us, then WHY did they exempt it from one of their new rules?

"The new rules also would streamline the process for repealing the new health care law by exempting the repeal bill from budget requirements.

"The Rule:
"...only spending cuts can be used to offset spending increases-a "cut as you go'' rule that takes tax increases off the table. It also allows taxes to be cut even if their cost isn't covered by spending reductions."

"I love how there's a principal here, but um, NO, not really. How ridiculous. Republicans don't even believe in this principle, so it's just a stupid idea altogether, and proves that the they believe the health care bill is going to reduce costs, too.

"Cutting taxes is SUCH a dumb idea right now. Most people agree with that...even the wealthy - which I am not. IF taxes are cut, Congress won't be scoring any points in this household. I'll just think they're stupid - my elementary students can do better math. Oh, and those taxes help pay for their education. We are the only country in the world that complains about having to make ourselves smarter. (???"

Me: "If cutting taxes is such a dumb idea then why did BO fold and keep the Bush tax cuts ~reduced taxes from Dem Bill Clinton's rates~ and Lawrence Summers warn of a double dip recession if taxes went up at the beginning of 2011?
History shows that lowering taxes increases revenues. The Fed government's problem is not an receipts problem, it's a spending problem. Even BO admitted in his debate in 2008 that he wants to raise taxes for "fairness."

"If you want to send in more money to the government, go ahead, but don't reach your hand into my pocket and confiscate more of mine."

Then comes this reply from an intellectual named “Clobber a Tea Bagger: "I do believe our President (Obama) addressed your question. It's called holding the poor and middle class hostage. Certainly the tax cuts for the top 1% is a loose-loose situation for the Country. If you consider Lawrence Sum...mers an expert on the American economy I recommend you seek serious economist. As for Clinton we had a much more robust economy which lead to his decision. What we have now is a complete debacle of the 8 years of the Bush Administration and policies. Brenda you sound like somewhat bright person, please consider doing a little more research. I am a firm believer with logic comes knowledge. Please don't reply as I refuse to argue with illogical individual"

My response: "Clobber, I wish I was as original and clever as you. I don't consider Summers an expert, but apparently BO does as he's the head of his economic team. So you agree that raising taxes slows down an economy? Oh, that's right, You won't be reading this. Well, just in case, spell check is your friend. Have a Great Day!"

Here’s another:
Supporter #2: "Watching C-span right now, When i hear the right wingers talking about employers being forced to provide insurance for employees that some bureaucrat has to approve, I hear them saying "that we can't just whip up some **** and call it insurance but have to meet some standard for insurance."‘

Supporter #3: "I wish people could see the good in eachother, then we could get along. Steve you sure do give it your all!!! I hope you can get through to these people who need to hear the truth!!"
Why can’t we all just get along?????????

Supporter #4: "Thank you Rep. Cohen for reminding people that the new healthcare legislation is a good idea. Thank you."

Supporter #5: "I've been saying this all along about this fringe party, thanks for being the first brave voice!"

Supporter #6: "You are a hero! Telling it how it is...the right wing and TP are brownshirts waiting to wear black shirts with yellow arm bands. Just saw you again on CNN...just awesome!"

Supporter #7: "I wrote my masters thesis on Nazi propaganda, and Mr. Cohen is correct that the republican rhetorical tactics are very similar to those used by Goebbels.

"Unfortunately, most seem to be saying that the congressman is comparing the republicans to Nazis, which is not the case. He is comparing the two types of political rhetoric."

Midsouth TeaParty: "Government Ruined Health Care versus Citizen Controlled Health Care?

"Or maybe there are some 'D.C. ELITES' who believe THEY can decide what's best for 90% of us...

"Take your money...Spend your money for you...then tell you what to do after THEY spent if for you...THANK YOU SIR MAY I HAVE ANOTHER"

To which another bright supporter replied: Why are people with educations and doing well for themselves called "elites" or "elitists"? It's like you want to hate them for being educated. As if being educated and being comfortable is a bad thing."

My reply: "Being an "elitist" has nothing to do with being educated or being comfortable. It's an attitude of 'I know better than you' and 'You are too stupid to make your own decisions.' Maybe you would understand the term 'ruling class' better; it's a synonym. It describes liberals like Steve Cohen to a T. He doesn’t respect people; he looks down on us “average” Americans. We’re seen as someone who needs someone smarter ~like him~ to think for us and make decisions for us. No Thank You! I don’t need a bureaucrat in some government office telling me how to run my life or what medical procedures I need or that they will pay for. I believe you have the same ability."

This same bright ~and apprently elitist~ supporter answered with this: "I am better than you. Period. I have enough confidence in myself to know that. I'm an American. I am better than most people worldwide. You will NEVER find me calling myself "average"! I consider myself to be well above average. I respect you as a fellow citizen, and I would HOPE you would find yourself to be better than status quo too, but clearly you don't. You just said you're personally "hovering above sub par"-- it's a synonym (ha!)... for "average". You are what you say you are so hear me say: I. AM. AWESOME-- AND IN AN ELITE CLASS of American citizens! I wil never be told what to do. Slavery is over. I choose to let civility rule. And civil countries take care of their own so that united we thrive in thought, actions. We've spent the last 2 years fighting over dumb s**t like, 'Should we take care of our health'? Elite people have other things to do. Let's move on..."

My reply to the elitist: "@elitist: I am in awe of your brilliance and superior intellect. I am unworthy to be in the presence of such greatness. /sarc

"Actually, your reading comprehension could use some sharpening. I never said that I considered myself “average;” I was explaining to you the term “elitist.” Thank you for illustrating my point so eloquently.

"Oh and about “I will never be told what to do” and “slavery is over;” you should use your awesome intellect to ponder the 2000+ pages of the Obamacare bill. You will find that it’s all about government control. For starters, you are mandated to buy health insurance ~health insurance that the government deems suitable for you.~ See if you can find the 2 dozen new/or higher taxes in the bill. Have a Great Day!"

The same supporter who didn’t know what “elitists” were had these words of encouragement for Mr. Cohen: "You're from Memphis. Shake the haters off. :) I saw you in a commercial for now-governor Christie in NJ last year when I was living in NYC. I loved the way you ripped him a new one when he was testifiying"

And then there’s this jewel: "First of all, thank you for serving your constituents and our nation in the the United States House of Representatives. You must have made many personal sacrifices in order to fulfill the duties of your office. I respect your passion for public service and your loyalty to the nation.

"As you are well aware, Congressman..., the need for civility in public discourse today is critical. With respect, you should apologize to your Republican colleagues for the comparison to Joseph Goebbels and the Holocaust. Such rhetoric does not help the cause of affordable health care for all Americans, it does not help the cause of the Democratic party, and it certainly does not help the cause of the nation. The American people are weary of bitter partisan recriminations. I urge you to set a higher, more dignified and civil tone. Today, the best thing you can do for your constituents and your country is to offer an apology and set a new tone of civility."

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