Friday, January 7, 2011

Take the Pledge . . Pamper Yourself in 2011

As you begin 2011; make sure one of your resolutions is to take care of yourself. As women, we have many different roles and we juggle lots of responsibilities. It's easy to forget to take care of ourselves. With all of our responsibilities, it's easy to get stressed out. Stress affects us in numerous ways; ~both emotionally and physically~ but by taking just 15 minutes a day for yourself, you can lower your stress level and be able to respond better to life; your hubby, kids and work.

One of BeautiControl's missions is to provide spa quality treatments for you to use at home. Turn your bathroom into a spa every day. Use the Therapeutic Bath Minerals or Detoxifying Bath Soak to turn your tub into an oasis that soaks away tensions. Try Sugar Body Scrub or LOS Sea Salt Glow to exfoliate and get rid of that dead, dry, dull skin in the shower. Treat your feet to Salty Margarita Foot Scrub that warms as it removes the dead skin from your feet; follow up with Frozen Margarita Foot Crème and spa socks overnight to lock in the smoothness and moisture. You won't believe how good your feet feel when you wake-up. When you step out of your shower or bath, quench parched skin with BC spa Body Ultra-Rich Body Moisturizer or Creamy Margarita Body Lotion.

Take this simple pledge;

"I promise in 2011 to take care of myself. I will take 15 minutes a day to breathe deeply and pamper myself in some way; because I deserve it!"

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