Thursday, August 5, 2010

The Perfect Storm

There’s a perfect storm brewing in Memphis. Congressional district TN-9 is one of the safest for Dems in the country; however this year, there is more interest than usual. Steve Cohen is the 1st white congressman from TN-9 since the 70’s. He was first elected in 2006 when Harold Ford, Jr, ran for the U.S. Senate and got beat by Bob Corker. This year our illustrious former mayor “King” Willie Herenton decided to challenge Cohen in the primary. Why you ask? Because “King” Willie is a master at race politics and states that TN needs a black representative for Congress.

I caught a Herenton supporter on the Ben Ferguson radio show a few weeks ago. Ben was asking her to name an issue that Herenton would be better than Cohen. She couldn’t; although she maintained that it had nothing to do with race. Cohen is as progressive as they get. The oppressive leftist in Washington wouldn’t get a more loyal voter in Herenton than Steve Cohen.
While I am no fan of Steve Cohen, I am an even bigger opponent of “King” Willie. What he has done to the Memphis City Schools first as Superintendent and then as Mayor for 18 years is really sad. It’s time for him to retire to private life.

The good news for Memphis and the USA is a lady named Charlotte Bergmann. I have long known that there are conservative blacks in Memphis and knew that the best way to beat the Dems was by calling out the true racism in Memphis politics. As Memphians, we have the opportunity to restore not only our country, but also our city to common sense solutions that lift up all of us.

What the oppressive liberal policies have done to the black family in Memphis is heart breaking. As Christians, we are to help the widows and orphans; not make them. By trying to replace the man with a check, the government has literally raised up a generation of widows and orphans. We complain about the crime here in Memphis. What’s the root cause of it? Men not having to take responsibility for their families, kids not having a father at home. A father that truly loves them and cares for them. The most accurate indicator of whether a child will live in poverty is whether they live in a single parent home or a two parent home. We have a school system that is failing our kids. They don’t know how to read, write or add and subtract. How are we preparing them for the real world, to get a job and get out of the cycle of dependence?

We have failed the black family. We need to take back our schools and city if for no other reason than to give real hope to the children of Memphis. We don’t do this by throwing more money at the problem. Enough has been thrown at it and it’s not working. We do it by getting back to the basics. Fathers taking responsibility, not just being sperm donors. Bringing competition into our schools by giving parents the freedom to choose the best schools for their kids by providing school vouchers. Making our neighborhoods safe. I can’t imagine what it’s like to fear for my kids while they are playing in their own yard. We must back police and help them. We can’t complain that the police don’t solve our crimes if we’re not willing to help them.

Charlotte Bergmann
is part of the solution. She believes in giving parents the freedom to choose the best schools for their children. She believes in the Constitutional right to bear arms. Criminals shouldn’t be the only ones with guns. She believes that every person is created in the image of God and will fight for those that can’t fight for themselves; even before birth. Without Life, there is no Liberty or Pursuit of Happiness. In addition, she sees the need to secure our borders and not give amnesty to criminal entrants. With unemployment so high in the black community, there are jobs that illegals take that could/would be done by Americans.

Help send Charlotte Bergmann to D.C. Vote August 5, 2010 in the Republican Primary for Charlotte Bergmann. And while you're there, Vote for Mark Luttrell for Shelby Co mayor.

“King” Willie is right. Memphis needs a black congressman; but it’s not him.


  1. Congrats! It looks like she is going to win the night. I am not from TN, but met her at the Tea Party Convention in Memphis.

  2. I pray one day that this would all be right, and I hope that Charlotte Bergmann will be the start to a change in Memphis along with all of our city officals and us as residents.

    C Gross Memphis, TN