Monday, October 12, 2015

You are Invited! #BCMasquerade

You are invited to the BeautiControl Masquerade party Masquerade party taking place during the month of October.  Don’t be spooked by what’s under the masque.  Remove the masque to reveal Boo-tiful skin and lips.
BeautiControl’s Detox Clay Masque is made from black clay, that’s gathered from lakes in Eastern Europe, chosen because of their ability to hold minerals and hydrate the skin. Unlike other clay masques, it doesn’t dry, so you don’t feel like your face will crack if you move.  It actually surges moisture while absorbing toxins.

This masque has helped many with migraines and sinus headaches; bug bites and bee stings; burns and poison ivy; pimples and cold sores.  Men and teens can use it too!  

Lip Apeel removes the dull and dry skin on your lips and leaves them kissably soft.

After you cleanse your face, apply detox masque to damp skin.  Leave on 10-15 minutes.  Apply Lip Apeel to lips.  I recommend that you get either the lip balm with SPF 20 or lip balm when you choose the Lip Apeel.  You will use them more often than the Lip Masque part of the Lip Apeel.

Remove with damp wash cloth.  Follow with your tonic and rest of skin care regime.  Apply lip balm to lips.

To get your free masque and participate in the BC Masquerade party, go to and join the Facebook group.  There you can request your FREE masques.  After you get your Free masques, just snap a selfie and post to Twitter, FaceBook or Pinterest using the hashtag #BCMasquerade.  When you do, you will get 25% off both the Detox Masque and Lip Apeel.  You must order from the Beauty Insiders Facebook Group to get the 25% discount.

Have fun and post those selfies!  Invite your Ghoul-friends to save and be Boo-tiful too!

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