Friday, September 4, 2015

Cordova Cookout!

Do you live in Cordova, TN?  If so, you are invited to the Cordova Candidate Cookout on Sunday, September 6th from noon until 2:30 p.m. Where?   Country Hills HOA Clubhouse, 1610 Oaken Bucket, Cordova, TN 38018

Join candidates Jim Tomasik (regular District 2), Robin Spielberger (Super District 9, Position 1), and Lynn Moss (Super District 9, Position 2), for a good 'ol fashioned cookout, Cordova Candidate style!

Bring the family and enjoy free hot dogs, chips, cookies, and soft drinks this coming Sunday afternoon from Noon until 2:30pm. We will have literature, buttons, stickers, yard signs, and voter registration information! This is laid back casual event - sure to be informative and FUN for the entire family.

Why is it important to come and meet Robin, Lynn and Jim?  Especially on a holiday weekend?  Memphis is in a mess and it is time to clean out the current City council.  It is time to restore fiscal sanity to the city of Memphis.

  • All three candidates are for restoring the benefits to city employees that were cut last year.  Any changes should be to future employees, not current or past employees. 
  • All three are for De-annexation.  In fact, Jim, Robin and Lynn have worked to change state law to stop forced annexation and will continue to work to let the citizens of forced annexation areas to decide whether they want to stay part of the city of Memphis or not.  They are not Johnny-come-latelies to the De-annexation fight.  Memphis has gobbled up Cordova and it isn't good for the citizens of Cordova or the rest of Memphis.  All three will be a voice on the Memphis city council supporting De-annexation.
  • Robin, Lynn and Jim are all animal lovers and believe that the Memphis Animal services needs an overhaul.  
  • Jim, Robin and Lynn believe that less regulations for businesses will encourage individual to start new businesses in Memphis.  
  • Lynn, Jim and Robin believe that it is time for Memphis to get back to the basics of what local government should do.  

We will have voter registration forms on site and will be able to double check your voter registration so that you can take care of any issues that may arise. We will also be able to explain the 4 VOTES that you will receive for Memphis City Council since many of you are new Memphis citizens thanks to forced annexation.

We also ask that you please bring a donation of pet food to benefit Memphis Pets Alive! - a phenomenal organization serving the furry citizens of Memphis. Overhauling the Memphis Animal Services is one of the big pieces of each of our platforms.

To learn more about the candidates, please visit their websites listed below. Also, if you cannot attend the event, please consider making a much-needed donation to 1 or all of the candidates!

We hope to see you on Sunday!!

• Robin Spielberger - Right for Memphis -
• Lynn Moss – Moss for Memphis –
•Jim Tomasik –

* * *ALL 3 candidates are running in Districts and Super Districts which include the Cordova area. Please know that these 3 candidates are running 3 separate campaigns but felt that reaching out to the Cordova citizens was extremely important and often neglected by prior candidates.

You do not have to support all 3 candidates to support 1 candidate in attendance. The candidates understand that loyalties and preferences are different for each person but felt combining resources in order to give Cordovans the chance to meet multiple candidates was most beneficial.* * *

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